Friday, March 26, 2010

Reach Out and Touch Someone

At the risk of Bill Gnade’s knee-jerk, “It’s a hoax!” reaction…

One Mike Vanderboegh is calling for vandalism against Democratic Party offices in his blog. Mike subscribes to the “I can say whatever I want” school of blogging. I can relate to that.

Mike is a big gun lover and figures the federal guvment is out to get him. Note: inciting violence is a great way to begin this self-fulfilling prophecy.

Mike’s a typical “libtertarian.” He bitches about how the liberals keep him down. Did I mention he lives on government disability checks and receives $1,300 per month for medical conditions? The bum doesn’t even work; he gets health insurance through his wife’s job.

For those interested, Mike lives at:

6635 Womack Rd
Pinson, Alabama 35126

He can be reached by phone at: (205) 681-0324

His wife’s name is Rose.

So let him know how you feel. Comment on his blog, give him a call, or even better, send him a check. He’s in the habit of taking hand-outs. And Mike, if you are reading this: we have already sent the predator drone. Clutch that gun until your knuckles are white.

From the Blogger Terms of Service:
Hate Speech: We want you to use Blogger to express your opinions, even very controversial ones. But, don't cross the line by publishing hate speech. By this, we mean content that promotes hate or violence towards groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity. For example, don't write a blog saying that members of Race X are criminals or advocating violence against followers of Religion Y.


Personal and confidential information: It's not ok to publish another person's personal and confidential information. For example, don't post someone else's credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, unlisted phone numbers, and driver's license numbers. Also, please keep in mind that in most cases, information that is already available elsewhere on the Internet or in public records is not considered to be private or confidential under our policies.

[Unless the Democrats are a religion, he seems to be within the rules; as am I.]


  1. I like how on his sidebar he is going on about the "3 percent" and then says "There are 3 Million of us".

    Um, there are 300 million people in the US. 3 million is 1% of that. Total Math fail.

  2. also misunderstands the "civil" part of civil disobedience..breaking windows definitely doesn't fit in under that.

  3. Ginx, you are just not skeptical enough. The guy is obviously a fake, with a fake blog to make libertarians look bad.

    In fact, I suspect that you and "Mike" are one and the same person. We all know your dislike of and animosity to libertarian thought, so what better way to discredit us than to create a libertarian loon to make us appear hypocrites and fools.

    And thanks to Bill Gnade for showing me the way to unmask fake bloggers.

  4. SE:

    I don't know what you're talking about...


    ©2010/Contratimes. All Rights Reserved.

  5. It should be noted that this guy is being chastised by libertarians.

    In the interest of fairness, I have devised my own liberal stategy: sticker shopping. The idea is, if you need change to do laundry or some new CDs, walk around a parking lot looking for "Abortion Stops a Beating Heart" and "...from my cold, dead hands!" bumper stickers, and then smash their window to get what you want (most of the CD's are country, but occassionally you get a decent classic rock collection). You may even luck out and find a gun in the glove compartment, which you can sell for a tidy profit.

  6. On further consideration, I've concluded it is all a marketing scheme by store-front glass makers.

  7. so, not to pick fault, but you seem to be ok publishing his address and phone number, but not your own? Seems only fair...

  8. Fair? Who said life is fair?

  9. oh, nobody said it was fair. Just remember that when the warm glow of the spotlight shines your way.

  10. Idle threats by impotent old men posing as rebels. Laughable, utterly laughable.

  11. Is it just me or does society seem to be getting scarier?

  12. I was only a wee one during the Clinton years, but was it this bad back then?

  13. "Vanderboegh said he once worked as a warehouse manager but now lives on government disability checks. He said he receives $1,300 a month because of his congestive heart failure, diabetes and hypertension. He has private health insurance through his wife, who works for a company that sells forklift products. "

    Cognitive dissonance at its finest.

  14. Last comment....
    "Analyzing political conservatism as motivated social cognition integrates theories of personality (authoritarianism,
    dogmatism–intolerance of ambiguity), epistemic and existential needs (for closure,
    regulatory focus, terror management), and ideological rationalization (social dominance, system justification).
    A meta-analysis (88 samples, 12 countries, 22,818 cases) confirms that several psychological
    variables predict political conservatism: death anxiety (weighted mean r .50); system instability (.47);
    dogmatism–intolerance of ambiguity (.34); openness to experience (–.32); uncertainty tolerance (–.27);
    needs for order, structure, and closure (.26); integrative complexity (–.20); fear of threat and loss (.18);
    and self-esteem (–.09). The core ideology of conservatism stresses resistance to change and justification
    of inequality and is motivated by needs that vary situationally and dispositionally to manage uncertainty
    and threat."

  15. I sometimes wonder... are people dumber today, or have we just gotten better at pointing the camera at stupidity...


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