Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why Bother?

Since I said something positive about Democrats, I have to continue my schizoid history of now bashing them. I figured, why wait a day? Let’s have a post about how Democrats are going to intrude on the lives of Americans right after I lauded one of them for putting on his big-boy pants all by himself.

This story put me on a philosophical rollercoaster. The title reads, “US Senators Vote to Encourage Healthy Behavior.” Right away I am suspicious, because this sounds like another attempt by Democrats to mess with people. Then I read the article’s first two paragraphs about a “measure aimed at rewarding healthy behavior” by “provid[ing] financial incentives.”

I really think the only way you can get people to do anything in America is through money, and maybe shame second. Providing people with a tax credit or making health purchases tax deductible or something would truly be a step towards getting people to choose to live healthier. What does not work is taking money for not doing something, or penalties.

The government is not providing incentives, it is imposing penalties; premiums will go up for those who don’t participate in wellness programs. This is a clause in the healthcare bill - which is forcing every American to get private health insurance while not even providing a public option. And once everyone is forced to be insured (or fined... another penalty), we’ll also be forced into fat-camp programs so that private insurance companies can bank on spending less money on our health problems.

Penalties have no opportunity to work if you are fining someone for not purshasing something expensive or difficult to attain, whether it be insurance or good health. No one likes when the government is that annoying girlfriend who wants you to quit all your unhealthy habits, buy some jogging shoes, eat vegan, or whatever the fuck else is the fad health craze of the moment - or else no nookie. I married a woman who isn’t like that for a reason: I find it really fucking annoying.

No one wants to be told what to do. Gay people don’t want to be told who to love, women don’t want to be told what career they can have, and fat people don’t want to be told what to eat. I wish this tolerance that Democrats always talked about would extend to every legal lifestyle (sorry NAMBLA).

Would this be as big of an issue if the government was paying for it? I don’t think so. The government is not really into micromanagement for the purpose of efficiency and profit; private enterprise does that. This is a healthcare bill written by the private healthcare industry for the private healthcare industry, with the only thing consumers getting is an empty promise that they won’t be dropped from coverage… as often.

Maybe if this was a bill providing a private option or universal coverage, you would see more freedom. The government defends freedom; private industry doesn’t care, they want profit. Freedom is nothing but a buzz word to a company, nonsense used to sell a product. Freedom to the government is having to abide by the constitution, or to rein itself in when it oversteps. Private enterprise lacks any such restraint, and cannot be voted out of office.

Call me crazy, but I would rather do nothing for a wound than pour poison on it for lack of medicine. I hope this bill doesn’t pass, but I know it will because the people selling the poison have already bought the government.

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