Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Outrage!

I have repeatedly called for a verbal offensive against conservative ignorance. It looks like an elected Democrat may have finally put his game face on.

Freshman representative Alan Grayson said on the floor of the house that the Republican healthcare plan is for Americans to “not get sick, and if they do get sick, die quickly.”

I hope this guy Grayson doesn’t back down. The interview he did on CNN seems to indicate he is actually driven to do something by pointing out how full of shit Republicans are. He confronted Republicans without apologizing… which for a Democrat is damn near heroic at this point.

It’s quite adorable to watch the Republicans scurry around acting like they’re offended. It’s proof that if Democrats are willing to take the offensive, Republicans will be willing to oblige us by whining and crying. *Passes a box of tissues to the Right*

Also, Grayson is a freshman representative, just like Joe Wilson. Why is it that freshman politicians are the only ones who actually seem to represent their constituency? There’s no denying Wilson is wrong and a jackass, but that makes him the perfect representative for Republicans.

It’s like I’ve always said, you have look for the same thing in a politician as you do in a prostitute: willingness to please and a short employment history. I guess lobbyist money is kind of like herpes.

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