Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blogs of Note #1

I don’t usually give shout outs, but I sometimes I read a blog for a while and I can’t help but think… “How the hell does this awesome blog not have anyone reading it?” Today, I want to highlight two blogs with single-digit readership which deserve a mention, one which is old and one which is new.

The first is “cryptonaut-in-exile,” an atheist blog that also has a fair among of interesting reposted news stories and political opinions. I usually get a kick out of reading this blog, and it’s updated several times a day, so there’s often something new to read there.

The other blog is a new one started by a relative of one of my many online nemeses (obviously not so villainous that I ignore his requests to check out his relative’s blog). I think we all remember how annoying it was to post something to your blog and know that nobody was going to read it (tell me about it… I had like hundreds of great, thoughtful, courteous, and serious posts before I realized you guys only came here to watch me make a fool of myself… but hey, if I’m laughing to, then you can’t be laughing at me… right?).

Check them out, and don’t let the fact that you hate me stop you.

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