Sunday, March 15, 2009

Infomercial Invasion

Some people may have noticed a surge in primetime advertising for... well... crap. The most popular ones are Cash for Gold, the Snuggie, and ShamWow. My personal favorite is the last one, as this is a product I have had personal experience with. No, I never ordered one, but the material (mostly rayon) has been used as a towel by swimmers for years now.

I can attest that it makes a great pool towel, but I would highly discourage the use of it as a disposable towel replacement. I can't imagine the gross build up that would occur after cleaning up a couple soda or juice spills with that. An interesting side note: the guy who does the commercial is named Vince Offer. He's a former Scientologist. *daily Scientology reference quota met*

Why is there a surge in awful ads? TV advertising is going down in price, so that means we can expect more of these almost-great ideas. Of course, I stay up late, so I'm no stranger to awful commercials. I've seen midgets selling real estate, Esteban selling guitars, and about a dozen products from Billy Mays. I think it's fair that people on normal sleep schedules should suffer as I have for so long. In the end, you at least get a great laugh out of it (or sponsor a kid in Africa with a suspiciously Western name).

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