Monday, April 19, 2010

False Flags

A false flag operation is an action taken by an organization (A) in an attempt to make it appear to have been an action taken by another organization (B). Generally, group A attempts to make group B appear violent and radical in order to justify a violent and radical reaction against group B.

Tea Partiers have been crying “false flag” and “infiltrator” over counter-protests held last week. Michelle Malkin’s blog suggests methods of identifying offenders, and some of them deserve a look.

The first: Ask them what the tenth amendment states. I plan to test this the next time I have the opportunity, as I doubt most tea-partiers know. I think it would also help tea-partiers if they had paid attention during school when we learned about the Commerce Clause.

The #2 thing to look out for, according to Michelle Malkin, is BO, by which she snidely implies is body odor, not Barrack Obama. I guess she thinks those who oppose the tea party don’t shower. Likewise, you know they’re in the tea party if they smell of Ben-Gay, mothballs, Gold Bond, wooden church pews, or the distinct scent of not giving a shit about anyone else.

Her third criterion is lack of subtlety. This one intrigues me. It’s not that the infiltrators are holding up racist signs that everyone disagrees with… it’s just not subtle enough. “Ima Bigot / Ima Racist / Ima Teabagger” is not subtle enough, try, “We Want Our Country Back!”

At this point, I should point out that I doubt most people who counter-protest at the tea party events are actually “infiltrating.” Trust me, the tea party can embarrass themselves enough that they don’t need outsiders pretending to be them in order to make them look bad.

Can they point to a few people who have tried? I wouldn’t be surprised. If it’s happened (and I bet it has), it’s the best thing that can happen to the Tea Party. The Tea Party should be ostracizing some in their ranks, because plenty of them are bat-shit crazy. It is a good thing when the party is actively disavowing themselves of messages like this.

I don’t want the Tea Party to be racist. I don’t secretly sit here combing for examples to prove their fervor is nothing but deep-seated racism. It would be a huge relief to know there is not a growing militancy in America, that patient and peaceful democracy will not be scurrilously overthrown by blood-thirsty fools.

If they regulate themselves by continuing to reject extremists, it would impress those of us who are skeptical of the Tea Party. If they have to convince themselves it’s actually liberals pretending to be conservatives, so be it.


  1. A growing "militancy" is a good thing (in the sense that people are finally waking up). The government should fear the people.

  2. Militias have nothing to do with freedom, it has to do with fear. Militias are 99 times out of 100 nothing but Christian terrorists.

    People in militias have no fucking clue what's going on in this country. They aren't waking up to anything, they're just Republican voters who are obsessed with their pure European heritage and the mud people who came to ruin their nation.


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