Saturday, April 3, 2010

From the Email Inbox #2

For part #2, I will be commenting on two additional e~mails. There is a fourth e~mail which is long and worthy of its own post, so those who like this feature can look forward to at least one more installment. I’ll respond to him privately and perhaps get him to comment here or elaborate more through correspondence.

Here’s e~mail #2:

Subject: The Left’s Racism Fixation Lacks Critical Thought « Stand Up For America

My, My, Here's PROOF

All of the Anti-Tea Party idiots are full of BS!

(And as the guy who writes this was a bad ass Seal or a Dela Force operator. He is NOT someone to mess with.)

Okay, where to begin… against all conventions, I’m going to start at the end and work backwards.

I read the article. Let me try to explain what it’s about, in case you don’t have 10 minutes to waste getting dumber. This guy says people on the left accuse the Tea Partiers of being racist. He says people on the left conflate isolated examples to represent the larger whole. He tries to accomplish this by… taking an isolated example and conflating it to represent the left…

For the record, the Tea Party isn’t all about race, nor is it mostly about race. It’s mostly about middle-class Republican retirees motivated by that nice blond gentleman on the Fox News channel. They’ll do anything the flashy box tells them, so long as it confirms their Cold War-era world view. Sure, most of the people at the protest are so old they have socialized medicine… but hypocrisy isn’t even in the conservative dictionary.

But let’s get back to my 75 year old atheist friend. He assures me the information is good because a “bad ass Seal or a Dela [sic] Force operator” composed it. Apparently being able to kick my ass carries rhetorical weight…

Then comes my favorite quote: “All of the Anti-Tea Party idiots are full of BS!” You go to the trouble of trying to convince me it’s wrong to judge a group… *sigh*

The next e~mail is a bit longer, and my comments will be in italicized brackets:


Some Dumocrats [nice use of portmanteau, I prefer Femacrats] are doing what Hitler did when he had the Reichstag burned and then blamed his enemies. [Really? Hitler? You’re jumping to Hitler, even though the US itself has engaged in false flag operations…] Hitler did it again when he had German soldiers in Polish uniforms attack German Border Guards. He then used this [as] an excuse to invade Poland.

Well, SOME Dumocrats are Doing the EXACT SAME type of thing as it is THEY who are causing violence at Tea Party events and blaming in on the Tea Party members. It could be, and probably is, some Dumocrats who are vandalizing and spewing hate speech and then blaming Republicans and Tea Party members.

PROOF? [Any day now…]

Here you go. Proof it HAS been done by a Democrat operative before.

[I went to the link above. It contains no information on Democrat-led false flag operations. It discusses the vandalism against the Colorado Democratic Party headquarters. As I have pointed out in previous posts, there are conservatives calling for violence, though the leaders prefer to use metaphors and the “lone nuts” who actually follow through are usually publicly shunned.]

And WHO did Voter Fraud? [Ooo ooo ooo, I know this one…]

DUMBOCRATS! [Damnit, I guessed the 2000 Supreme Court, which had a Conservative majority.]

Who were standing in front of voting places and stopping Whites from voting?
It was NOT Tea Party members or Republicans. [It was not Dumbacrats, either. It was imaginary people in your head.]

I thank you for your time and may we all, "Live Long and Prosper!

Please, Take Care!


"A 75 year old Pro Iraq War Agnostic Atheist Activist, 101st Vet &
Iconoclastic, Philosophizing, Beach VolleyBall Playing Grumpy Old Son Of
A Beach!"

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess this guy is a big fan of the Tea Party and probably votes Republican. What he doesn’t realize about me is that I did not vote for Obama, nor have I ever cast a vote for any Democrat. He spends a vast deal of time ripping into Democrats… without bringing anything to the table. This is the primary problem with Republicans: they got nothin’. Which leaves us with Democrats, who are not that great… but at least they aren’t Republicans.


  1. Geenks,

    What do 75 year old Christian dudes have common with 75 year old Atheist dudes?

    They all get pissed when you walk on their lawns or really get pissed if you pass them up in your car, although your still driving 5 mph under the speed limit. And they all know more than anybody else, and will fight you calling them old, yet will fight the teen-ager working at McDonald's for not offering them a 5cent discount because they are a Senior Citizen. I can't figure them old buzzards out, but I'm slowly becoming one.

    Anyways, about your post, it's very good, and I agree. When will we learn to judge people on their actions and not their political views.

    Happy Easter, feeno

  2. Anyways, about your post, it's very good, and I agree. When will we learn to judge people on their actions and not their political views.

    Can't I judge based on both?

  3. feeno, good one.

    I like how the Tea-Party says we are not racist, some of my best friends are black.

  4. Some Dumocrats are doing what Hitler did when he had the Reichstag burned and then blamed his enemies.

    Time to apprise him of Godwin's Law and corollary. He just lost the argument.

  5. 'Sup Geenks

    Judging is a tricky thing. We can always judge peoples actions and then hold them accountable because it's a fact. But it is hard to judge ones motives because we can't read their minds or know why they did whatever it is they did.

    When Christ spoke of "not judging others, lest ye be judged" what he was saying is this, you can't possibly judge someone because only I (God) know all the facts. So the "sin" in judging others is the fact that we place ourselves as equals to God.

    Geenks, let me tell you something that I believe the Bible teaches. Christians are not to judge anyone outside of the church. And as far as those inside the church are concerned, again, we are not to "judge" them, but to make them aware of their "sin" and to teach them and others that as Christians we should not be involved in that practice.

    How can we Christians be a light to a dark world if we are living in darkness as well?

    Does that answer your question?

    Happy Easter, late, feeno

  6. I just see a massive difference between judging someone and actually doing something about it. I may silently judge someone from across the room... and I find it harmless. If I judge them to be worthless, it's still harmless. If I take action, say by hurting that person, even then the judgement is not really the sin.

    I prefer MLK's ideology on the matter: judge based on meaningful factors. I won't judge someone based on their background, age, gender, or some other factor outside the control of the individual. I judge beliefs and especially actions, because beliefs are under your conscious control and I'm sure we can all agree it is just to judge based on the actions of others.

    Although... if I judge someone to be worthy of my scorn, I have no problem mocking them for anything, even an unrelated characteristic, whether they have control over it or not. This leads to some confusion, such as my decision to harp on this man's age despite the fact that it has nothing to do with my criticism. Why don't I stay focused on the one thing? Maybe because people are confident in their beliefs, but they are insecure of the things they cannot control, and it is my sole purpose in life to make fools feel bad about themselves (because they ought to).


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