Monday, April 5, 2010

From the Email Inbox #3

This is the fourth (and currently last) e~mail sent to me by my 75-year-old atheist pal, who believes he can straighten me out on all things Obama. Note: I did not vote for Obama, nor do I blog about the amazingness of Obama, nor can I recall ever even praising the guy for anything beyond “not being Bush.” Below is the complete, unedited e~mail, with my comments in italicized brackets.

First, I, {Name Removed}, live my life as I define Science, Which is: "Science is the On-Going, Ever-Expanding, Never-Ending and Self-Correcting Search for Truth!"

I do NOT hang on to some belief because I would LIKE to believe it is true, If I did, I would still believe in the Christian god. [So you wish there was a God?]

I go where ever the evidence & the facts take me. [Except libraries.] IF they take me to what I previously believed is true, Fine. [And convenient!]

On the other hand, IF they prove what I believed was true, is not true, I change my position in a heart beat. [Like that one time you decided to become an atheist decades ago?] I research things, I constantly search for the facts and the truth!

Now IF you actually believe you can PROVE ANY thing I say on ANY subject is incorrect, GO FOR IT! [Let me stretch a little first…]


Of course, this does NOT include any Kool Aid Drinking Obots as they do not know fact from fiction! [Maybe they can’t see things from your point of view because there isn’t enough room up your ass for their heads to fit as well?]

My reference to Kool Aid comes from Jim Jones & the Peoples Temple. [Actually, they drank grape Flavor Aid] It is easy to tell who has been drinking the Kool Aid by their actions. If they treat a racist, lying, con men like Obama like some hero, they have been drinking his Kool Aid. [Fun Fact: drinking lots of grape Kool-Aid or Flavor Aid will make your poop turn bright green.]

Anyone who does not know what I say about Oduma is TRUE, it is because they have FAILED to educate themselves of the more than sufficient facts which prove it's [its] veracity. Facts which anyone who really wants to can avail themselves of. [Awkward 19th century sentence of the day… it would have helped had he not ended it in a preposition.]


ODUMA is a LYING, DISHONEST ELITIST, RACIST, EGOTISTICAL, SOCIALIST CON MAN who uses NLP [neuro-linguistic programming] to manipulate his audiences.. [doubt it]

His JUDGEMENT skills are so POOR and his INTEGRITY SO LOW he CHOOSES [to] include the following low life scum among his mentors and his GOOD Friends. [And Obama made them do it using mind control techniques, making him completely to blame!]

A. A Convicted Felon who STOLE from other Americans

B. A White and America HATING Racist preacher. Oduma not only listened to his garbage for some TWENTY years, he EVEN took his children to [be] indoctrinated into this idiots HATE of American and of Whites! [I’m white and American, and Reverend Wright is in no way threatening to me.]

Oduma did NOT stop attending this racist church until AFTER a bunch of bloggers raised so much hell the ODUMA LOVING MEDIA had to cover it. [That was nice of you guys to get Obama to stop attending church.]

C. An America hating Socialist [Wait, this is his friend or him? I can’t keep your rambling straight…]

D. A Communist.who supported violence against our government and our way of life [This seems slightly worse than C, but not all that different. Names would have helped here…]

E. TERRORISTS who had Robbed our banks, BLOWN UP private companies, Federal Government & Military facilities, Police Cars and Police Stations, as well as KILLING Americans. [I’m calling bullshit on this one.]

The ONLY difference between Oduma's friends Doran / Ayres and bin Laden is the number of DEAD Americans. [The only difference between me and Hitler is the number of dead Jews… though technically neither of us killed any ourselves… so that means I am as bad as Hitler.]

ANYONE who would vote for and support a person who has the low life scum as he has as friends have as poor judgement skills and low integrity as Oduma has! [Telling people who voted for or supported Obama they have the judgment and integrity of Obama is not an insult… and I did neither.]

I would NEVER voluntary even associate with such low life scum as Oduma has as friends, much less be friends with them. [Yeah… I feel that way about you, as well.]


And, were it not for:

A. Voters who were too LAZY to get the Facts OR Too DUMB to be able to fully understand the facts and/or just do NOT CARE what facts proved. [It’s all about facts, people! He’s 75 and retired, with all the time in the world, he can’t be troubled to remember all the facts and present them in a cogent manner! Do your own research!]

B. RACIST Voters who cared less about a person's qualifications as long as they were Black. [See, people voted for Barack Obama only because he’s black… but the people who oppose Obama don’t hate him because he is black, because they’re not racist… only Democrats are racist… he uses the word “racist” 5 times in this e~mail… clearly race is not important to this person…]

C. Black Panthers blocked white voters from voting. [Black guys were working as security outside a voting station… they didn’t stop anyone from entering… maybe some scared white people were just too racist to want to pass by someone black who had a nightstick in their hand. This was then blown out of proportion by conservative white kids at UPenn, taking video of the completely non-violent] security detail.

D. Obama Campaign paid "Acorn" many hundreds of thousands to registering people who were not qualified to vote and many under phony names. [Not qualified to vote? You mean minorities?]

E. ILLEGAL MONEY which came from OUT side the US which paid for much of his campaign [Most of his campaign financing came from US businesses, particularly banks.]

F. A LIBERAL, LYING, INCOMPETENT MEDIA who has been anti-bush, anti-Iraq, war [bullshit]. & anti-common sense for over eight years. Whose "reporting" had caused the very UN-informed against any thing not Dumocrats, [Yeah… like how liberal anti-war rallies got no press coverage when tens of thousands marched, but a few thousand yuppie Tea Partiers get media saturation? The media is about as liberal as a crotchety 75 year old.]

G. Who LIED to the people about who was mostly responsible [for] the Freddie Mac / Fannie May mess. A media who did not report Bush had tried SEVENTEEN times to put controls on Freddie Mac & Fannie May before the crap hit the fan. [… you’re claiming Bush… tried to… regulate… Pfffffffft HA HA HA HA HA HA!]

H. WHO STOPPED BUSH (& McCain) from taking the action which should have been taken? [No one stopped them from killing themselves.]

Why,. it Was ODUMA and Dumocrats [Clearly, if you have your eyes closed, your fingers in your ears, and you rock back and forth droning “La la la la, I can’t hear reality, la la la la…”]

I. WHO GOT MUCH MORE MONEY FROM Freddie Mac and the Fannie May Lobbyists in a around two years than Bush got in eight years? [I’m guessing the guy who everyone realized would be president, and who might actually regulate them. That’s the idea behind buying influence in Washington. If you don’t like it, oppose conservative claims of corporate funding being protected free speech.]

Gee, it WAS ODUMA again! [You said earlier that he got most of his funding from foreigners…]

Anywho, without all those things ODUMA would have NEVER been elected. [I’m pretty sure a ham sandwich would have beat McCain/Palin, even among Jewish voters.]

Oduma's 160 IQ PROVES: […that you don’t know Obama’s IQ…]

"A persons intelligence is like an mans penises, it is not how much you have, rather it is how effectively you use it." [Yeah, guys with tiny dicks fall back on this one a lot. Also, you put quotations around it, but no one other than you equates intelligence to a penis… “an mans penises,” no less. You, sir, are seriously mindfucked.]

Oduma uses his VERY, VERY POORLY! [ He’s using his huge, throbbing, uncircumcised, black IQ all wrong, and America is just faking it so he’ll finish already.]

I find when I report negative things which ARE IN the Bible and can be PROVEN to be in the Bible by their simply doing some research in THEIR own Bible. I get replies PROVING the person has NO clue what is in the Bible. [Been there…]

Then instead of them getting off their lazy programmed asses, they just rip off a reply proving how much they do no[t] know because my telling them the TRUTH pisses them off. [At some point, perhaps you’ll realize Christianity has very little to do with the Bible.]

THE SAME THING applies to OBOTS and the Anti-Iraq War Loony Tunes [I call Daffy Duck!] who would not know a fact were it a sharp pointed cactus they sat on while naked and then rotated on it until it protruded from their ignorant mouths! [Truth: best when not taken rectally.]

Instead of taking the time to think about and/or do the research about what was written and to see if they have ANY proof what I said was wrong, they just dash off a reply. [Why aren’t they dropping their whole lives to research this like I have! Haven’t you all retired yet!]

Of course, all they really do is PROVE how much they do NOT know! [Of course.]

Myself, just like all of those who really cares about the TRUTH, WANT to be PROVEN WRONG. I WELCOME it. [Why do I doubt that…]

ALL it takes IS PROVABLE FACTS and not someone's mere bull shit "opinion"


{Name Removed}

"A 75 year old Pro Iraq War Agnostic Atheist Activist, 101st Vet &
Iconoclastic, Philosophizing, Beach VolleyBall Playing Grumpy Old Son Of
A Beach!"

Like most right-wingers, he talks about Obama more than any left-winger. This is a common theme, actually. Republicans talk about Obama more than anyone on the left. Democrats talk about Sarah Palin more than anyone on the right. Communists talk about corporations more than capitalists. Capitalists talk about socialism more than communists. Anarchists are constantly talking about “the State.” Atheists talk about gods more than theists, and theists talk about Satan more than anyone. We seem to be fixated upon our aversions.

The outcome of this appears to be intellectually bankrupt ideologies. We have a plethora of “anti-” everything, but very little “pro-” anything. Even when people say they support something, it’s often vague and intangible. “I support American jobs,” or “I support worker’s rights.” Which jobs, which rights?

So, my right-wing friend constantly attacks Obama as “Oduma,” despite attributing to him a 160 IQ, which would put him at Stephen Hawking levels of intelligence… but Obama is apparently stupid. I think he just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use the pun.

I prefer Obomba, since the American president is continuing the violent wars of the Bush years, even expanding them into Pakistan. I doubt my right-wing friend would ever use this terminology, as it coincides with his beliefs and would almost be a term of endearment. This guy loves the War on Muslims, so why would he ever want to point out his similarities to Obomba?

I am firing off a reply to him, and perhaps he will grace my blog with his presence. At the very least, I owe him the opportunity to respond to my public jabs.


  1. This dude has clearly not taken any of my classes, or he would know that you can't make declarative statements without providing any EVIDENCE!

  2. Well that, and you would have remembered a 70+ year old man who disagreed with everything sociology has observed to be true.


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