Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mixed Advice

Recipe for “Mixed Advice”
1. Take two pieces of good advice.
2. Pour into blender.
3. Pulse for one second.
4. Serve.

You can lead a gift horse to water, but he can’t drink if you don’t look him in the mouth.

People who live in glass houses should not try to kill two birds with one stone.

A penny in your hand is worth two pennies saved under Bush.


  1. atheists deny their own life element... LIGHT...
    Einstein puts the FINAL NAIL in the *coffin of atheism*
    Click on my name for the Ur l

  2. DM is an atheist! Repent DM! Jesus will condemn you to Hellfire unless you change your ways! You are sending souls to Hell! How? Why? You don't shine your light, that's why. Forgive seventy times seven, or go to Hell! Jesus will say to you on Judgment Day, depart, I never knew you!

    Repent DM, or burn in Hell forever!


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