Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween...

... from the 99 and 1%

Together... we are 100%


  1. You may want a disclaimer on this photo, if your claiming it as a picture of you and your wife or not.

    You have insulted and angered many people here, publishing your picture could have consequences in public.

  2. *yawn*

    You have a nice blog, there. I notice it's empty, like your ideas.

  3. That blog I made for you to call me names is the only reason it exists since you claimed I had no web presence with out one ?. I do not check it often.

    I offer a cautionary piece of advice and you go right on the attack very typical behavior from you . I should not expect anymore then that .

  4. Excuse my error readers my 1st sentence should contain "call me names at.". I omitted the at. My apologies to the readers.

  5. I don't mind posting personal info. I'm not afraid of the world.


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