Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top Ten: Things I Don’t Ever Want To Say (Again)

10. I can jump that.
9. Is my mascara clumping?
8. We identified the remains through dental records.
7. I’m just proud of you for trying.
6. Look, no hands!
5. Would you care to dance?
4. Hand me that chainsaw.
3. I didn’t think it would get stuck.
2. Duck? Why?
1. She’ll never find out.


  1. Since I don't comment on Thesauros' blog anymore, I wanted to let you know over here that I agree with your comment regarding the anonymous commenter!

    I think I should stop reading too though because I still feel like reading/writing too much and it's such a waste of time...

  2. If you make it your goal to get a Christian to think, you'll get frustrated. If you make it your goal to frustrate a Christian... now that I can achieve.

  3. Well said...

    My issue is that I consider to have spent too much time focusing on religion online in the past... hum... probably like 3-4 years. It's time for me to move on.

    Unfortunately, each time I tried to do that, I failed... it's worse than drugs I think because I find some purpose behind it, it made me change the way I see life as a whole.

    Recently, a few things convinced me though. The first thing was my cousin with whom I had a 15-sec discussion on religion, I don't remember how it came to the subject but I asked him if he ever ran into annoying Christians when he was in London. He replied that he has never discussed religion with anyone... ever.

    The other thing was stupid Rod (Thesauros) who will not correct any mistakes he makes, and keeps insulting me on a personal level without even knowing who I am. I think he does it on purpose because he likes to be insulted in return, "proving" that Christians are persecuted and it makes him feel good. I joked about that recently and he said that I sounded slightly insane and that my girlfriend would be right to leave me... That's so random! Obviously I don't care because we don't really know each other, but he did not say anything more, even when I pointed out that bashing my relationship with a girl I intend to marry is not cool at all!

    Anyway, enough of this nonsense, there are other things that I could mention but it would go on forever and I don't even know why I am writing this here... Once again, I am wasting my time and this is exactly what I said I should stop doing altogether.

    Take care Ginx!

  4. You'll be back... they always come back. Well sometimes. Actually... has anyone ever come back? Damn... if not, cheers.

  5. Ginx, Ginx, Ginx, Ginx.... you have it in the wrong order. Geezum...

    It should not be 6, 5, 4, but 4 and then 6; such as in:

    4. Hand me that chainsaw.
    6. Look, no hands!

    See? there is a chronological series of events that tell a story when you order it like that. Now go get a new hand, Buster.

    @Hugo; I stopped commenting on his blog a long time ago... he's inconvertible. I have better things to do online than argue with this man.

  6. I never quit commenting. I consider it a victory when I get asked to stop or I'm banned outright, whichever comes first.

  7. Oh, and yeah, I totally dropped the ball on this list. I was sort of out of it when I thought it was done this morning. My allergies make it hard for my eyes to focus right now. Expect typos and rushed posts until we get our first frost.


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