Friday, October 7, 2011

Discussion: Racism

The new racism is not active hatred for people who are different, but is instead the passive denial that there is still inequality.


  1. Nice Graphics

    There are a lot of problems, inequality and discrimination in the world, perhaps people feel their worrying energies are depleted in whatever instances you see them as inappropriately denying. Why don't you give us another vague worry that we can think about as we look for jobs? As opposed to...say suggesting a good idea or something people might do to alleviate or confront the denial that most bothers you.

  2. Yes, when you can't find something using a standard definition, it's time to change the definition.

  3. I did find it. I just also noticed how racist people like you are because you deny the very existence of inequality. You embrace self-loathing Uncle Toms like Herman Cain because they justify your preconceived notions.

    But you wouldn't know anything about that... there is no racism, right?


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