Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Rule: It Is What It Is

Atheism is not a religion. Also, NASCAR and poker are not sports, forty is not the new thirty, taxes are not theft, it’s not illegal to videotape or photograph the police, being gay is not a choice or immoral, pizza is not a vegetable, and these surnames are not first names:


Also, science is not a religion, video games are not art, Pluto is not a planet, words are not a crime, America is not a democracy, love and hate are not real, the customer is not always right, religion is not evil, all is not lost, and the novel is not dead.

However, those were the droids they were looking for, health care is a right, and Clapton is God.


  1. "taxes are not theft"

    That statement is debatable.

  2. No, it's really not. If taxes are theft, then libertarianism is rape.

  3. Another moronic Bret Alan moment.

    And do I really have to prove once again to the statist fool that taxes are theft? No, because I don't cast my pearls before swine.

  4. No one is keeping you here. There's no gun to your head telling you to stay and be part of the system, you just know it's the best you can hope for but want to bitch anyway. You're free to want to make things better, Nikk, but you sound ridiculous when you pretend that something you don't like must actually be something else, which is a crime.

  5. So it is said, so it must be. This is the law of the Ginx.

  6. Go ahead and tell the police it is legal to videotape them. I agree that it shouldn't be. But, lots of things are not as they should be .


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