Thursday, December 1, 2011

WTF Moment of the Month

I know it’s the first of the month, but seriously… this made me actually scream at my computer at 7:30am.

A Kentucky church (Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church) has banned interracial couples from its congregation.

That isn’t the part that I “What the fuck”ed about. That part I expect out of a state like Kentucky, a state that (like my former home state of Indiana) was the recipient of so much white-flight. You won’t find more consummate racists than you will in the Midwest. No, the part that made me lose it and realize this is a country of stupid morons too stupid and moronic to realize that they are stupid morons is the response of the church goers when outsiders reacted to such blatant bigotry.

The part that got me was that the man who crafted the ban and the church itself who voted to enact it are claiming they are not racist. Oh… well… I don’t hate you guys, though I hope you die… and if I see you in a dark alley, I will slit your throats… but I don’t hate you, and this is not a threat…

If you need any further proof that saying, “I’m not racist,” means absolutely fuck-all, look no further. If you literally ban interracial couples from attending your church, you are racist. There’s no discussion, there’s no debate, there’s no technicality that you can resort to, you’re just good ol’ fashioned racist pricks.

What I love is that by backtracking and pretending a spade is not a spade (you know… just that a spade can’t marry a diamond), this Kentucky church proves that they are not only too ignorant to accept an interracial couple, they’re too ignorant (or cowardly) to even realize (or admit) they’re racist. And since it’s Kentucky, I can only assume the man who suggested the ban was the jilted cousin of a woman who married a black guy.

Am I a bad atheist for hoping this couple does find a church they can be accepted in? No, and I hope they are able to find happiness… but I suggest looking outside Kentucky.

So remember: racism isn’t dead, it just hides where most of us would never, ever want to go. Stay classy, Kentucky.

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  1. HAHA You made me laugh. Thanks. I was feeling shitty. Not anymore. :)


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