Saturday, June 12, 2010

Top Ten: Top Ten Lists

I was looking over my blog when I realized I had ten Top Ten lists… which were calling out to me to order them into a new Top Ten. So here they are, my Top Ten list of Top Ten lists.

10. Top Ten: Favorite Single-Player/Cooperative Games – I planned to do a second list for multiplayer games, but I realized I shouldn’t delve any deeper into video games on my blog. I dunno… it just seems so… masturbatory. I'm also not sure I want people to know I played WoW [oops].

9. Top Ten: Songs About Sex – Sex is great, but songs about sex just make me uncomfortable… especially when my mom is in the car… and she’s singing along to it. This is why Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” did not make the list. *shiver* True story.

8. Top Ten: Other Gods – An ambitious list, it turned out ridiculously biased towards Greek and Nordic mythology. This is an idea I will have to revisit and revise.

7. Top Ten: Songs About Labor – Would have placed higher, but I deducted points for the Men at Work song having very little to do with work. It’s not “Top Ten Songs and Bands That Are Vaguely Related To Labor.” I find it ironic that when it came to the labor list, I got lazy.

6. Top Ten: Songs About Flying – Also known as the list of songs radio stations wouldn’t play for a while after September 11th.

5. Top Ten: Burning Songs – I burned my hand last year, so I felt compelled to do this list of songs about burning.

4. Top Ten: Songs About Drugs – This was an under-handed lob. Anyone can come up with songs alluding to drug use. In fact, I doubt anyone would want a record collection that contained only music written while completely straight. Even Clapton’s stuff started to lose its luster after he went clean.

3. Top Ten: Songs Containing Innuendo – You may be thinking, “Innuendo?” No, in your end-o. This is really the first and better of the two “Top Ten: Songs about Sex” list. The innuendo is thinly veiled at best. Still, a solid list.

2. Top Ten: Songs Containing Religion – A decent list, and the one that kicked off my short-lived top ten series. I had set out to prove that I do not blindly dislike things simply because religion is somehow linked to it, and music is a perfect example of something non-believers can enjoy despite religious connotations or messages being present.

1. Top Ten: Anti-Religious Songs – Perhaps to shore up my atheo-cred after the first list, I followed it up with a list of anti-religious songs. This list directs a couple dozen people to my blog every week, and remains my most viewed post (just ahead of this post on the difference between evangelical Christians and evangelical Atheists).

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  1. Next post: Top ten reasons I can't think of anything new to blog about.


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