Monday, January 3, 2011

Discussion: Last Meal

You’re condemned to die tomorrow. Last meal?


  1. Yes please, I'll do it on a quick diet of 50 liters of the best whiskeys, coke, heroin, meth, lsd and xtc and don't forget the smokes, cos those things will kill ya. Top it off with a nice shotgun.
    If I have to go, I'll do it Hunter S. Thompson style: myself.

  2. All you can eat buffet. They can't execute me until I've had my fill (and by the time I do, I'll want to die).

  3. I'd keep it simple and go with a large pizza with extra cheese and every meat topping available.

  4. I'd request the most ridiculously difficult to prepare meal of nearly impossible to find delicacies, then, when delivered to me, I'd knock the tray up in the face of whoever brings it in my cell. Execute me?! You can shove your last meal.


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