Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You Ever… #1

You ever go to a place to eat and order the same thing so often that they repeat your order to you before you can say it?


  1. No, but I used to work at a deli and was the person doing the asking. It's surprisingly easy to remember a person's order. There are even a few people who came in so many times while I worked there (like weekly), that I still remember their sandwiches 7 years later. Crazy.

  2. There's no way those places pay people enough to have to endure that.

  3. One place we used to go to they saw us drive up and prepared the food. It was delivered to our table before we ordered. I embarrassingly said I was interested in something else. Whoops. It got awkward.
    Now I make it a habit of never ordering exactly the same stuff at the various restaurants we frequent to keep them off balance so I get the opportunity to get what I want. I find it boring to always get the same thing anyway. My wife *always* orders the same thing. I have trained her not to order for me either which was her habit. When she would say he is having this I immediately said no I don't want that, I want something else even if I really wanted what she ordered. She occasionally does it but catches herself.

  4. haha I actually loved working there. It was clean and smelled like bread. Plus we got free sandwiches. (Though it is nice being able to wear whatever I want without fear of mustard stains.)

  5. And what's up with that spam comment? I've gotten a few like that too.

  6. I do this very thing at a place we have breakfast once a week. My wife pointed it out to me recently, and I odered something different. Completely threw them.

    BTW alana...the spam would be DM...aka...anonymous...aka Douche Mouth.


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