Monday, January 3, 2011

Music Monday: The Kills

When Alison Mosshart heard Jamie Hince practicing in the hotel room above her, she probably didn’t think she would begin a long-distance musical relationship, but that’s exactly what happened. From her home in Florida, Mosshart corresponded with British native Hince for a few years before taking the plunge and moving to London.

Since their debut album in 2003, The Kills have helped prove that rock isn’t dead, it’s just not popular… but I think that’s where it’s always been most comfortable, anyway. While all three of their releases have been worthy of being truly called albums, their recent 2008 effort, Midnight Boom, was ripe with songs that get stuck in your head all day if you park and turn off the car in the middle of them.

As they continue working on their fourth album, I can only think how lucky I am that people take chances like crossing the Pacific to play music together.

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