Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You Ever… #2

You ever position your hand while taking a shower so that water appears to be coming out of your finger, then pretend to yourself it’s magic or that you’re Poseidon or a foutain, etc.?


  1. I've done that with my penis, so it looks like I'm healthy and peeing clear.

  2. A fountain? Pretend I'm a fountain? WTF? When I was a kid I used to hold real still and pretend I was a statue. Other times, when I had the living room to myself, I would pretend I was a chair and that the couch and sofa were my parents. But a fountain while showering? No. I did pretend a few times that the shower head was evil and that the water was brainwashing me to think like Bret Alan, but my will for freedom was too strong to succumb.

    When I was very little and my mom ran baths for me, I would pretend that the washcloth was an alligator and as it drifted in the water I would try and get away from it. Bathtubs sure were huge back then.


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