Monday, January 24, 2011

Discussion: Pain

What was the most painful thing you ever experienced (not counting birth or kidney stones)?


  1. Circumcision, The Most painful thing for me ever!

    Back at home it isn't classified as a surgery but more like a rite of passage,that means no anestethia.The doctor kept saying one more stitch, one more stitch and each time there was still one more to go!

    Worse still was the recovery, it hurt to pee, it hurt to walk, and if you got a boner you were in a world of serious hurt! I used to keep a padlock on the nightstand just so that incase i had a boner, i could have quick access to a cold piece of metal to put on my little man to make the boner go away.

    If you have kids, circumsize them when they are young, Or at least circumsize them in a first world country where circumsicion is a not more of a rite than a surgery.

  2. Pancreatitis. The worst of the worst. I was in labor for almost twenty hours with my younger daughter, and I'd take a week of that over ten minutes of pancreatitis.

  3. i fell that one time :D
    when i was young

  4. Hornet sting on the earlobe. Fortunately the pain didn't last long.

  5. Realizing that she didn't love me, she was never going to love me, and that several of my core assumptions about my own identity were almost certainly wrong.

    ...Or were we limiting ourselves to physical pain? I once gave myself a bone bruise on the bottom of both feet. But I'd still rank that well below the first experience I mentioned.

  6. It was the pain I had while giving birth at the same time that I had a kidney stone.

  7. Thanksgiving 1999, a goofball pulled out into traffic, causing me to T-bone him at 50mph. My sternum was cracked and 4 ribs broken. My chest opened everytime I took a breath
    I thought I was dead on that cold hiway at 6:15AM. No prayer, but I did sleep in a chair for 6 weeks.

  8. Cluster headaches, which I had for about 40 years. One day they went away, for which I'll always be thankful. I've read (and I believe) that the pain of cluster headaches is the worst a human being can feel. And I experienced forty years of them. Doh. But who cares because they're gone now. When pain is over, it's like it never was. This is one of the great things about being human (or an animal of any sort, I suspect).


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