Friday, April 15, 2011

Discussion: Libya

Did America do the right thing in Libya? If not, what should America have done?


  1. I'd say Obama did the right thing. Very few will be happy with the decision, but the Europeans have been under spending on defense for decades. Europe needs to be able to do these kind of operations mostly on its own.

  2. It is none of our business. There's too much going on at home to be that worried about Libya. Let the Europeans get involved in stuff like this for once.

  3. Did Libya pose a direct threat to the US?

    If one can answer yes, with evidence, I would possibly agree that the US government acted properly.


  4. I agree with mac on this one. The purpose of the military (especially in a libertarian country) is to defend against threats. If you start doing more, then you are violating the national sovereignty of a country. Did someone have the right to come into our country and end slavery for us? Give our women the right to vote? Stop the Civil War? All of those were things that needed changed, but it was up to us to do it, and we are arguably stronger now for having done it on our own.

    Bombing a country is an act of war. Conducting an act of war in anything other than defense of your country is an act of agression. And that is what we so often claim to fight against.


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