Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top Ten: People Whose Popularity Confuses Me

10. Michele Bachmann
9. Ron Paul
8. Bill Clinton
7. Angelina Jolie
6. Barack Obama
5. Oprah Winfrey
4. Ronald Reagan
3. Glenn Beck
2. Donald Trump
1. Sarah Palin


  1. No argument from me on your list. Small exception for Ron Paul. I like some of his positions but the ones I don't like cancel out the ones I do.

  2. Sarah Palin is an easy answer. If she was 50 pounds heavier with acne, nobody would have ever heard of her.

  3. David Letterman needs a spot in that.

  4. I'd add "All Things Kardashian" in there somewhere, but other than that... yeah.

  5. I cut Kim Kardashian from the list because I don't think she'll be around much longer.

  6. Who the hell is Michele Bachman?

  7. Apparently it's Bachmann...

    I thought i was all clever for catching just the one "L" in her first name.

  8. Ron Paul? You might not agree with him (though actually, on lots of things, you do...war, drugs, the war on drugs...) but to be "confused" by his popularity just shows how out of touch and clueless you are.

  9. If you didn't get angry about someone being on the list, then I failed.


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