Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top Ten Twenty: Excuses For Not Blogging Yesterday

20. No one likes Music Monday
19. DM finally found my home address
18. Going for world-record high score on Ms. Pac-Man
17. In the ER with second degree burns on all my finger tips
16. My dog ate my keyboard
15. My grandma is really sick…
14. Two words: alien abduction
13. Found Jesus (He was in my pocket the whole time!)
12. I could tell you, but I would have to eat your brain
11. Twenty-four hour waltz-off
10. I fell and I couldn’t get up
9. Ending conversation with persistent aluminum siding salesman
8. Spanish-American War re-enactment in my backyard
7. Full-body hair inventory
6. Busy donating my time and skills to terminally ill orangutans
5. On the streets educating people about the Amish
4. Finally took a shower
3. On WebMD forum finding out how to treat a sun-burned penis
2. Something having to do with a chinchilla
1. I’m allergic to Monday


  1. These are good reasons. They beat mine, not giving a shit.

  2. Did DM send you a picture of his penis in the mail?

  3. If he had, that wouldn't be a picture of Garfield on the post.

  4. You forgot number 21 (Radio Bloger was disappointed you didn't include it): Too busy masturbating to gay porn.

  5. When it's gay porn, it only takes like 30 seconds... hardly an excuse.


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