Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top Ten: Most Tedious/Boring Mythologies

10. The Iliad
9. Popol Vuh
8. The Silmarillian
7. Works and Days
6. The Rigveda
5. The Quran
4. The Tibetan Book of the Dead
3. The Bible (specifically Numbers)
2. Theogeny
1. Atlas Shrugged


  1. I never understood how The Silmarillian became a bestseller. Completely unreadable! I agree that most religious holy books are tedious and boring. Why hasn't someone started a religion with holy scriptures that are page turners?

    Ayn Rand did start a religion call Objectivism, but her magnum opus surely doesn't deserve the top spot on your list if being "number one" means most boring. Give me Atlas Shrugged over the Bible or the Koran any day.

  2. Yeah, but the Bible and Atlas Shrugged are very different. One is a religious book containing impossible heroes demanding that the reader embrace their elitist ideals as dogma, without teaching one how to actually deal with the real world. The other is just the Bible.

    I could sum up the over 1,000 pages of Atlas shrugged with a single page story about a rich kid getting upset when he loses a game, so he pouts and carries the equipment needed to play home with him. There, I just saved those who haven’t read it from over 40 hours of stilted and nearly unreadable prose.

    I don’t even understand the target audience of this book. If you think the ultra-rich are an oppressed underdog, chances are you aren’t smart enough to be able to read, anyway.


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