Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Like/Don’t Like/Famous Person for World Religions

Like: Coolest name for a religion, ever.
Don’t like: Pretty much invented the idea of heaven and hell as practiced in Christianity.
Famous person: Freddie Mercury (lead singer of Queen)

The Baha’i Faith
Like: Teaches equality between men and women.
Don’t like: Worst name for a religion, ever.
Famous person: Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office)

Like: Easily the least violent religion, ever.
Don’t like: Every member is a vegetarian.
Famous person: Frank Black (lead singer of The Pixies)

Like: The beards.
Dislike: When a child is born, they must be named using the first letter on a page flipped to randomly in their holy book, and all boys get “Singh” as a middle or last name, while all girls get “Kaur.”
Famous Person: Manmohan Singh (Prime Minister of India)

Like: I know so little about it, and I can’t hate what I don’t know much about.
Dislike: They add you to a list in a Shinto temple if you’re born in Japan, whether you are Shinto or not.
Famous person: Yoko Ono (broke up the Beatles)

Like: Ganja
Dislike: Dreadlocks and heavy Jamaican accents.
Famous person: Bob Marley (shot the sheriff, but not the deputy)

Like: Aliens in a religion.
Dislike: Bully litigation.
Famous person: Katie Holmes (concubine)

Like: Jewish comedians and matzo ball soup.
Dislike: Israel and never shutting up about how bagels and pizza are better in New York.
Famous person: Turn on your TV. Chances are, you’ll see or hear one of them in a minute.

Like: Martial arts and the band Nirvana.
Dislike: People who pretend it’s a philosophy, not a religion.
Famous person: Tina Turner (survived a relationship with Ike Turner)

Like: It’s the oldest major religion, which is pretty damn interesting.
Dislike: The caste system.
Famous person: George Harrison (sitar enthusiast)

Like: Invention of modern chemistry.
Dislike: Honor killings and Fatwas.
Famous person: Kareem Abdul-Jabar (co-pilot)

Like: Christmas presents.
Dislike: Christians
Famous person: Adolf Hitler (failed artist)


  1. Dreads and Jamaican accents don't bother me so much as Rastifarians believing Haile Selassie was God bothers me !

  2. I have met a person who had never been to Jamaica, but talked with an affected Jamaican accent. That sort of stuck with me as being one of the most pathetic things I ever saw.


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