Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Format

After thinking about it quite a bit, I decided to make some changes to the blog, and not to change other things. Things that I don’t think will be changed: the name and color scheme. Things to be changed: format.

You probably already noticed I went with a new configuration for the site. I like this one better and have been wanting to change it for a while. Still too timid to mess with the color scheme, but I might be up for doing a new title banner in Photoshop later today.

The biggest change, I hope, is that I plan to use January as a sort of test for a new post schedule. Here’s the tentative line-up:

Music Monday
Tuesday Top Ten
Wednesday Word
Theology Thursday
Friday Free-write
Saturday Reflection
Sunday Comics

The new categories are not that new. “Theology” will just be a post where I force myself to write about religion. This will ensure at least one post a week is actually about the original focus of this blog. The Friday post is just a chance for me to post whatever I feel like, or nothing at all.

There will also be plenty of spontaneous content. I hope to do a Mythical Interview at least once a month, as well as a “WTF Moment of the Month” whenever it’s appropriate. I notice I had 6 last year, and I think that’s about right; I only think “what the fuck…” to myself once every other month or so. I’m not easily shocked.

So, if you have any comments or suggestions, or if you hate this idea or a particular thing I write about, let me know. Otherwise, I will take your silence to be a sterling endorsement for my decision.


  1. I like the regular features idea. I try to do that at SE, but always seem to fail. Your new layout looks suspiciously like that of another blog we all know and love...hmm.

  2. I realized I should put my posts in the first spot people look at on a page, a la your post on where people look on screens first.

  3. I like your mix. And really, we have to mix it up on our blogs. All-atheism all the time is boring. How many times can you say, "it's nonsense"? Eclectic blogs are the best. But I'm afraid to promise something for a given day on mine. I'd rather make up the blend on a daily basis. Less pigeon-holing.

  4. I was the same way at first, but I found I was able to post so much more when I had a format. It never stifles me, because I still post stuff in excess of my "promised" content, so to speak. It's more of a challenge for me to meet the requirements, and that has always encouraged me to write for some reason. It's just easier for me to write under the gun... maybe all those last-minute papers I wrote for school.


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