Monday, March 28, 2011

Music Monday: George Thorogood

Simply the most famous person ever born in Delaware (easily edging out Joe Biden), George Thorogood is best known for creating blues rock hits that are jukebox classics. His songs set the gritty biker-bar mood in hundreds of films. His covers of songs by the likes of Hank Williams (“Move It On Over”) and Bo Diddly (“Who Do You Love”) have eclipsed the originals in popularity.

Thorogood popularized simple, heavily distorted guitar riffs over a decade before they would reach their pinnacle of success (and over-use) in pop music with the grunge movement. For that matter, the blues roots of punk can be seen clearly in Thorogood’s lyrics, covering topics from being an outcast to unabashed substance abuse.

Unlike the burn-out nature of the punk and grunge stars, Thorogood shared a similar fate as that of the Rolling Stones, who he opened for early in his career. Decades after releasing his first hit albums, he’s still writing new material and touring.


  1. I love George! Thanks for posting these tunes.

    I used to use his "Bad to the Bone" as my signature tune on Blogger.

  2. Had it not been for George, I might never have gotten into Blues.
    I owe him a big one :-)


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