Friday, March 4, 2011

Discussion: Super Powers

So apparently twice as many people would rather be rich than have the power of invisibility… and only 1 out of 10 would prefer flight to both of those.

Do the people who chose wealth realize that by being invisible, I could steal all of their stuff?


  1. I was always partial to shapeshifting myself. With a wide enough scope, it can be made to serve in place of many other powers.

  2. I should have made that an option. I initially just had flight and invis, but then I thought of Batman and his power.

    I don't understand picking the wealth choice, since wealth is the only of the three which can be taken away. Plus, I'm fairly certain you could become wealthy if you can can invisible or fly, plus you would have one of those powers as an added perk.

    It makes me think people who visit my blog are lazy Americans who just want money without working for it... for shame, readers, for shame.

  3. Unless you can make things you touch invisible, or not, at will, it seems to me invisibility would be all but useless. Flight, on the other hand is tempting, but I suspect you'd really have to bundle up to not freeze most of the time, and I get distracted so easily, I would almost certainly crash into something. With extreme wealth I could actually do things for people, pay for deserving kids to college and whatnot. In fact, I'd argue invisibility and flight look like the selfish options of someone unwilling or unable to manage wealth responsibly.

  4. I'm fairly confident I could incapacitate anyone who would stop me if I was invisible. I wasn't planning on just walking out with it... I'd kill the rich people first. Well maybe not kill them, but definitely rough them up a bit. With flight, I think you could make some money doing rescues and circuses.

    Plus, you don't have to pay taxes on invisibility or flight.

  5. Ah, but shapeshifting - like I said, it depends on the scope of the power. Forget conservation of mass, or find a way to avoid it, and suddenly I can become a raven or a bluejay. Who needs flight?

    Now I'm a cute, cute puppy, or maybe a cat. Who needs invisibility - who looks at a pet, really? A mouse, a snake, a mole - who wants to walk through walls? Oh, my goodness, I've been caught keying the combination into the safe, and the homeowner is threatening me... now I'm a grizzly bear! If the scope of the power is broad enough, I can use it to heal the wounds from knife, bat, or gunshots as I change.

    And as a human... perfect (or better) eyesight (and other sense), an ideal physique, control of your physical age to give you effective immortality... I'm telling you, shapeshifting is where it's at!

  6. Well if we're just making up powers... I want a watch that freezes everything but me, so I can travel outside of time and mess with stuff.

    And I call it now: no Superman powers. Show some restraint if you're going to get creative.

  7. Time travel is both very tricky to write, and nearly unbeatable as a power (if you try to make it less overwhelming, it generally becomes useless). So that'd be an excellent choice, I think.

  8. The only bad part is I would age that much faster (since my clock would be generally going faster). Shapeshifting would be awesome if I could become a plague bacteria. I don't know if I would just bide my time while they died of plague, or shift back into myself once I infect someone so that it looks like I popped out of them, Alien style.


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