Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seriously, Religion

Today, I asked myself, “What, if anything, about religion in general is wrong?” After all, I reject every religion, not just Christianity, Judaism and Islam. There are many other religions I have considered, and while early on there may have been a need to find “errors” in order to convince myself they are “wrong,” there has unconsciously been another underlying fact that has crept into my mind.

I guess what it came down to when I was a newly minted atheist is that religions are flawed. But I am flawed, and every person I ever loved is flawed, and many things I like are flawed (I love the Star Wars movies… but come on, what are the odds that Luke would crash land in just the right part of an entire planet to find Yoda within hours?). There must be something about religion, beyond its flaws, that makes me so turned off.

I guess what is so irritating is not the flaws, but the loud, obnoxious claims of the religious that there are no flaws. Look, I love my wife as much (if not more) than anyone loves God. Yet, I can see her flaws and would have no trouble pointing them out (then again, she isn’t the creator of the universe and capable of smiting me dead on a whim).

If religion didn’t take itself so seriously, I wouldn’t have trouble doing so.

Instead, religions attempt to think for you. Religion dictates; it does not listen. It claims to be an authority without demonstrating a justification for such an honor. We are supposed to accept religion because it rides the coattails of the gods, themselves merely a mechanism created by religion to justify itself.

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