Monday, September 19, 2011


I crave structure, and with the death of Music Monday, I have been looking for something new to do as a Monday feature that would fit my blog.

At first, I went the cheap and lazy route: Materialism Monday, Moody Monday, Monday Mayhem…

[10 horrible examples later]

… Monday Me, Monday Mammaries… hmm that might work. I dunno, kind of sexist. I could intersperse it with Monday Manboobs…

After some careful market research, I determined that Monday Manboobs would not be enjoyed by anyone, male or female.

But then, I realized… it didn’t have to be an “M” word. It could be anything. So, I thought, what it is I would do if I could do anything… and I realize, I would rule the world with an iron fist. Scratch that, a titanium fist with palladium accents.

And thus was born: The Monday Rule

No, not the fact that everything made on Monday is shit because the workers are hungover. Every Monday, I will come up with a rule that will fix the world in some way, small or large (usually small). Will any of my ideas ever happen? I assure you, they won’t. But they will make you see how strange my priorities are.

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