Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Reflection #46

When a bunch of women are around each other for a while, their periods will begin to happen at the same time, which is just really weird. Men don't have anything like that. The closest we have is that when in a room full of just guys, if one of us farts, sometimes each of us tries to fart. But it's not like our colons communicate with each other via hormones and synch up or something.

[Who says these have to be deep?]


  1. Ever read The Red Tent? It's [loosely] based on the life of Jacob and centres around the women.

    I think the Lord made women's cycle to sync with each other was for company. In Biblical times, Jewish women (perhaps other groups too) had to live outside the camp because they were bleeding. And because whatever they touched became unclean, they couldn't do anything so they were served.

    It was like that show, the week the women left. I think it's pretty awesome, actually. I've tried to use that excuse on my husband to not work but he doesn't have faith of any kind so it doesn't matter to him.

  2. Were you aware that the story about periods is not actually true?

  3. I wouldn't say it doesn't exist, but it's obvious science doesn’t provide a very clear answer.


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