Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday Word: Libretardian

Libretardian: a fool who thinks “liberty” means being a whiny ingrate


  1. It's a great word. Thanks. I'll probably use it. I think my definition and spelling will be slightly different than yours, however.

    Lbertardian-- a person who believes Randian ideology trumps reality whenever the two conflict.

    Please note that not all libertarians are libertardians... the ones that are, however, are fairly easy to spot. You'll find them in the comments sections of any blog post about climate change. For some reason, that's the single topic that tends to most attract libertardians.

    You get minor infestations on truther and birther sites and a (very) few hanging with the anti-vax crowd, but their natural home seems to be AGW denialism.

  2. I'm talking about the ones who think stop lights and taxes are oppression.

  3. Seems we don't really disagree then...

    But you have their rhetoric wrong... taxation isn't oppression, it's theft.

  4. True. I never understood why we can't just tell them, "Well, since you don't know what's what, this isn't jail... it's a country club."


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