Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Reflection #49

Your elders will always tell you they know more than you, and they do. They know more about what a nickel bought back in the old days, or who Roy Orbison was (he sang “Pretty Woman”). Some older folks would have you believe the quantity of your experience is somehow more significant than the quality of it, but a lifetime spent in ignorance, regardless of how long, is no recipe for wisdom. Most young people I meet are stupid, and most old people are just like the young, only they move more slowly (so basically, young people are wrong more quickly). But fear not, even if you are surrounded by those who seem to know nothing, you still have much to learn from them. Sometimes you can learn more from a fool than from a wise man. You can learn something from anyone.


  1. Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do.

  2. I have argued this many times. The "I'm old, thus right" argument only has any merit at all if all the elders agree with you and if they have data you do not.

    Generally, most people mostly slow their rate of learning down to nearly nothing right after college. Those people don't know anywhere near as much as a someone with recent college experience. They have lots of mistaken ideas based on a outdated view of a world that may have partially existed forty years ago.

    They will tell you they have forgotten more than you ever knew, but they are misstating it. In reality they have forgotten more than they ever knew.

  3. Naw, fuck old people. Look around: the young just showed up, this is all their fault, and they have the balls to tell us how to clean up their mess... seriously fuck you old people. Hurry the fuck up and die already, we won't miss you.

  4. OMG! Bret. Some elderly people actually have a lifetime of learning and reason under their belt and they are a force to be reckoned with. If you don't believe me, visit "Fair and Unbalanced."

    The host of that site is a perfect example.

  5. No offense, Burr Deming. Oh, and I am not saying you are old or anything. I am saying you are wise. The glass is half full.

  6. I'm not saying they don't know better, they just didn't do very well, and now they won't just shut up and give anyone else a turn. I say retire or die.

  7. I'm not so old that I can't still kick an ass now and then ;-)

  8. If you're young enough to learn a new trick, you're not an old dog.

  9. Bret always seems quick to tell others to die to make his life simpler. Remember he told all the military to kill themselves since he doesn't approve of them, for volunteering to die if need be to defend his right to spout garbage if he chooses. Now he wants people older then himself to die since he sees no value for wisdom earned through experience. His self hate is becoming more evident all the time in his posting.

    I wonder why in his interview last week with the atheist veteran, he did not ask why he has not killed him self yet or if he killed any children?

  10. Aww, did I hurt your feelings?

    Yeah, if you are in my way (ideologically speaking), I would rather you die (do it yourself, I can't be bothered). I've found that the ignorant rarely change, so rather than argue with them, I'd rather they stick a fork in an outlet, for the good of everyone. That's my view, and if you don't like it, you are free to go fuck yourself.

    Soldiers are whores who kill people for money. They haven't defended my freedom in my lifetime, and they haven't fought people who deserved to be fought since WWII. If you think otherwise, you're an ignorant piece of shit and you have a weak grasp of history and/or ethics. If you were in the military or you support the military, you have no right to criticize spending when we waste billions on the world's largest standing army in times of peace and trillions during our times of murdering millions of brown people who worship the wrong god.

    The old have no special wisdom. There is nothing known by an old person which is not grasped by someone younger. If the old are so wise, where are their brilliant solutions? I keep hearing about "incentives" from old conservatives, but where is the incentive for an old person to make this a better country in the long-term? Perhaps this is why they don't care what happens in 30-40 years... they won't be here.

    But feel free to hide behind Anonymous with all the comments you want. That's why I enable it: so cowards like you can still voice their opinion. I love free speech, and I hope you have more to say, but if you've gone and killed yourself, that's cool, too.

    Hmm, why don't I ask Animal about those things... challenge accepted.

  11. I use Anonymous on your blog when I post for one reason only. I run a small business in Boone. I run that business solely to earn income for my self. So that I can choose on what to spend that income on. As well as to pay as little in taxes on that income as possible.

    By posting as anon I can say what I want with out fear of loosing the chance to make more income for my self from all sides of the political spectrum.

    As far as killing my self I think your self loathing is much more likely to cause you to do that, long before my love of profit would cause me to resort to that.

    Your immaturity is showing in your angered replies as of late. Cursing at people you do not know personally who do not agree with you, only goes to show your lack or maturity and ability to hold an open discourse with someone you oppose ideologically.

    What a sad world it would be if you ran it. If left to your thinking only those who agree with your twisted outlook on things would be allowed to exist in it.

    As far as my cowardice goes again this sounds like a playground bully making threats. Please announce a public facility like a gym or MMA training room and time and we can rent the ring and discuss that man to man. At 46 I may not have youth on my side my maybe my experiences would come in handy there.

  12. I seriously laughed out loud when you said I sound like a playground bully when in the same paragraph you offered to go to a gym to fight me. I'm being lectured about maturity from a 46 year old man who tells people on the internet he wants to engage in fisticuffs.

    I'm sorry your life is that sad. Honestly, it's all pity on my end now. I had no idea how bad your have it.

    I'll tell you what. I'll fight you on November 6th in 2012. Meet me at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

  13. I asked Animal those questions and he wouldn't dignify them with a response. I mean, he responded that he wouldn't dignify them with a response, so that was his response... but yeah, there you have it.

  14. More sarcasm from a I.T.G that stands for internet tough guy. My only response is that your the one making threats and acusations and telling people to kill them selves.

    Is your self hatred caused from not achieving anything by your own hard work, examples like my Dad paid for my education, an investment i do not see much return on. Or my Dad paid for my car, or my Dad paid for my house. Would these be the reasons for your obvious self worth issues.

    You try to justify your self hate or disappointment issues by demeaning those who succeed on their own.

    You call me a coward yet when i rebut your accusation you resort to sarcasm and changing the subject.

    I will meet you if your father wants to pay for your ticket. Post proof of yours here and I will let you pick any third party escrow company to verify I have paid for mine and my travel arrangements. Mine will be paid for by capitalistic earnings. If not your just a I.T.G making threats online.

    Sorry for the delay in my response but I had to ride my motorcycle while carrying my concealed weapon to the bank to deposit my earnings. Thus ensuring that the government will try to redistribute as much of it as they can to those who do not earn for themselves.

    For future differences since anon seems to irk you so much I will choose an handle online such as HWCOITG"S. He who Calls Out Internet Tough Guys

  15. Telling someone to kill themselves isn't a threat. For many, it's just good advice. And trust me, if there was any doubt: I'm asthmatic and quite out of shape. I'm not a tough guy, nor do I play one on the internet.

    You keep saying I harbor self-hatred... I mean, I hate some things about myself. Like, I hate how many moles I have. It's not a good look, being polka-dotted when naked. I look like a reverse planetarium. But I managed to get laid anyway, and I'm married, so I don't have to much worry about that anymore.

    I don't begrudge people who succeed on their own. The irony is, you're probably working class, and the way I would tax you would be less severe than Republicans, who keep lowering taxes on people like... well... my dad, who makes enough money that I got all kinds of advantages I didn't deserve. In fact, most people I know who succeeded "on their own" had a lot of help from other people. But you wouldn't know, having not succeeded, so you probably had to bite and claw for everything. This might account for your bitterness. Am I far off?

    Keep riding that motorcycle, and don't forget to leave your helmet at home.

  16. You keep proving my point on how you try to make your self feel better about your shortcomings, by demeaning those who have succeeded. Hence the motorcycle helmet comment.

    I do not care what you have gotten from your father or made on your own that's where we differ.

    I have succeeded solely on my own no help from the government or from family or from any one else. I built my company ground up from day one on my own sweat and hard work.

    But for your amusement the rewards from that effort have afforded me a very comfortable lifestyle now at 46. Thus I have the time to debate an ITG while at work.

  17. You keep proving my point on how you try to make your self feel better about your shortcomings, by demeaning those who have succeeded. Hence the motorcycle helmet comment.

    My hope that you die in a bloody wreck makes me feel better about my shortcomings? Really?

    I built my company ground up from day one on my own sweat and hard work.

    With a public education on public roads while under public protection through law enforcement... but yeah, you did it all on your own, congrats for taking all the credit.

    But for your amusement the rewards from that effort have afforded me a very comfortable lifestyle now at 46. Thus I have the time to debate an ITG while at work.

    You work so hard...

  18. I would hate to be you, my only joy in life would come from trying to assert that I am better than anyone else who succeeded on their own.

    Your welcome and right I take all the credit for my success. I used those tax payer afforded items just as you can But I paid on my own for my business, no loans government or private or family involvement .

    I paid for my car, my motorcycle, and my boat all on my own as well all cash. None were financed as I don't believe in using credit for things that can be saved for.

    I achieved these things with a publicly paid for army affording me the freedom to succeed on my own.

  19. I'm not better than you, nor have I implied anything like that, though I am smarter, if only by virtue of the fact that I don't think you can solve something by challenging people to fight behind the jungle gym after school.

    Let's say you meet me and kick my ass, are you right, or just an over-developed chimp? The same would be true for me; if I won, I wouldn't be right, I would just have gotten very lucky.

    You are basically just puffing up your chest and not providing any sort of evidence based argument. That puts you on rhetorical par with 12-year-olds. Let me guess, your daddy could beat up my daddy, right? What's that got to do with old people not being particularly bright? I know your mind is starting to go, but if you remember, that was the original point.

    A car, a motorcycle, and a boat. It's like a white trash starter set. Congrats. I have a wife who loves me... you got any people to go with those things, or are you just empty and alone?

  20. You seem to know all about me Bret. I would have to say on the internet where your so tough and always right, that your wife and so called getting laid your words is as real as my belongings or friends or family.

    For all you have proven here is you are self loathing person, with either penile envy or possession envy or any other sort of envy that causes posting from your daddy's basement.

    Being able to set up a blog does not make you more intelligent then just about anyone with a computer and internet connection.

    There I stooped to your level of insults rather then apologizing for generalizations about people you feel do not deserve to live.

  21. I'm not questioning whether you have a car, a motorcycle and a boat, though if you go to my wife's blog, you can see that she (or someone posing as my wife in an elaborate plot to make me seem better than you) exists. I'm sure all of your various modes of transport exist, too. That sounds like something an idiot would do: buy a bunch of wasteful toys. You're free to do it, and I hope you enjoy them. You earned them. But I still find it hilarious that I can tell you to fuck off once if by land and two if by sea.

    Penile envy? What am I, a Hummer-driving gun owner? And I don't envy you having a boat... the two happiest days in a boat owner's life are the day he buys his boat and the day he sells it. Those things are money pits. Still, I like fishing... but I would rather just charter a boat if I want to go out once or twice a year. But I digress... I don't envy your stuff, it's probably not as nice as mine. You silly New Money red necks...

    I'm not intelligent because I set up a blog anymore than you are stupid because you challenged someone online to a fight. I was smarter than you long before I created a blog, and you were probably dumb for decades before you ever commented here (unless you are suffering from dementia, as I suspect you may be).

    Everyone deserves to live, my friend, but that doesn't mean I won't get a sick glee from certain people offing themselves. If you knew how to read, you might be capable of grasping that concept. Maybe your eyesight is going in your old age, geezer.

  22. Such maturity and intellect you display. I feel sad for your wife. My challenge to you only came after you called me a coward being the ITG you are. I will refrain from this discussion at this point, as you have already proved my point with your insults and rhetoric. You call me a redneck for enjoying the things I bought yet you claim that they are not as nice as yours? That would make you the King of rednecks.

    Your attacking someones possessions is typical behavior from an entitlement baby who believes that those who have done well for them selves should be punished and forced to give you what you have not earned yourself. I feel sorry for your generation if your an example of twenty somethings.

  23. You're still a coward.

    Well, my possessions don't include crotch rockets... so you're setting the bar kind of low. As long as one doesn't have a rusting muscle car under four feet of uncut grass, they're ahead of you.

    I'm not attacking your possessions, I'm attacking your taste. You seem trashy, but that's just my impression of someone who thinks boasting about their modes of transportation makes them the shit. If you had told me about how awesome your computer was, I'd call you a nerd. If you talked about your ponies, I'd question your sexuality (cowboys will never be the same after Brokeback Mountain).

    Let me guess... divorced? That would explain the mysterious silence regarding relationships...


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