Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stump a Christian #33

Why is slavery acceptable to God, but shellfish are not? Honestly, how does the Bible have more condemnation of shrimp than of treating other human beings like property?


  1. Because we eat shellfish which can kill you. Though how they could possibly be polluted badly enough to be harmful in those days is beyond me. Maybe a Red Tide kind of thing. The Bible has little to do with God and a lot to do with law and order.

    1. They should have made a law against gefilte fish.

    2. Yeah, and this whole business about hats. One law says you have to wear one in "HIS" presence, another says take it off.

  2. It's not a bad question, consider me stumped.

    I have some ideas but it's too involved to write out such a theological response to a question that isn't relevant to the foundation of the faith.


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