Friday, June 15, 2012

Stump a Christian #34

If God can do anything, why is church so boring?


  1. Probably because God isn't allowed to move in most churches. Often Church is controlled by religious people and not lead by the Spirit.

    I don't find my church boring at all - there is much to see, hear, feel and experience.

    1. I should also add that God can do anything but he chooses not to until we invite him to participate in our church services. We've already had discussions about free will vs. sovereignty of God.

    2. Right, but Jesus walked on water and turned water into wine, then he said his followers would perform greater miracles than him. At the very least, why can't anyone walk on a lake they turned into wine? That would be very convincing.

    3. I agree but the trouble most Christians don't believe it can still happen. My parents (love them dearly) are Christians but they don't feel the same as me about things. In my dad's words, "If there's more, I don't want it."

      I happen to believe the word of God to be true, so I absolutely, irrevocably believe greater works than Jesus will I do. It's part of the faith, and it's not a complete gospel without the power message attached to the word.

      We see crazy miracles in our church (cancers confirmed gone, legs/arms grow out, 40lb weight-loss before my eyes) and I believe one day I will raise a dead person but in North America, unless I happen upon an accident scene, access to dead people is verboten. When I begin travelling with ministry teams, I know I'll see it happen.

    4. Try to volunteer as a hospice. I bet you'll be the first one to come across a dead person before too long. Plus, you can practice on near-dead people.

      I can't say I ever saw a miracle, though, and I've been around a lot of religious people with a lot of opportunities.

      I'd like some record of the arms or legs growing back, also. I feel like that would have made headlines somewhere, maybe on a slow news day.

    5. I've been thinking about this for a while (will probably write a post on it shortly).

      I see miracles fairly regularly now but for most of my life it wasn't that way. There are a couple of reasons why I see them now as opposed to before.

      The greatest reason I see miracles is that I expect something will happen when I pray. Another reason I see more miracles than many Christians is that I pray for people. I pray for lots of people, in and out of the church. I pray for so many strangers in public, my son has started saying, "Mom, that person is walking with a cane, you should pray for him/her."

      The majority of Christians pray for comfort in times of disease or illness - I pray for the disease to be removed. I'd rather not suffer at all, than be comforted in the midst of suffering.

      Seriously this question should be asked in every church in North America.


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