Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Top Ten: Reasons I Hate the Military

10. Institutional religious indoctrination
9. That mindless “hooah/hooyah” bullshit they yell
8. Open bigotry, from sexism to racism to homophobia to xenophobia
7. Adherence to the belief that obedience is a good thing
6. Brutal punishment of whistleblowers
5. Bleeding the country dry financially
4. Haven’t been deployed in a justifiable war since World War II
3. Haven’t actually defended America’s freedom since the War of 1812
2. Epidemic of rape cover-ups
1. Deployed US troops kill more civilians than militants


  1. I believe it's time we stop treatingveterans as heroes, and hold up true heroes such as doctors and firemen instead. No matter how "heroic" the military can be, its heroism is always through killing others. not actually savinglives. Shouldn't those who directly and genuinely save lives be held up instead?

    1. you are sadly mistaken son, the military forces have saved hundreds of thousands of lives since the wars started

  2. "That mindless “hooah/hooyah” bullshit they yell"

    It is not mindless bullshit but it is a different way of saying, "got it" or "yes." For example, "are you ready to go on this mission?" I would either respond back saying "yes sir" or "hooah." It can and is used as a motivational tool as well.

    "Adherence to the belief that obedience is a good thing"

    Obedience is a good thing and needed for a military to be successful. Military personal are not taught to be fully obedient no matter what but instead are taught that there are obvious times not to be obedient.

    "Deployed US troops kill more civilians than militants"

    Regardless of whose military (unfortunately even with high precision) accidents will always occur, civilians will always die in war. Especially in a war where it is hard to distinguish a civilian from a militant. Obviously there will always be the few who kill civilians purposely caused by emotion or for fun, but reality is that this type of behavior is expected in a warfare and ultimately there is no way to control the erratic few.

    1. I took #9 from a complaint I have heard from a handful of people in the military.

      I'll always oppose obedience. It's not religion, or ideology, or any form of bigotry that is responsible for the greatest atrocities the world has ever faced, but obedient fools who actually commit the atrocities, that do the real killing, who are responsible. Any idiot can )and many idiots do) sit behind a desk and order the deaths of others, but it takes a truly immoral fiend to carry them out (often for a measly paycheck).

      I'm almost at a loss regarding your comments on civilian deaths. I'm torn between making a vulgarity strewn rant and just making a single snide remark in the acknowledgement that with a view like that, you could never even consider correction. What can I say to someone who speaks so callously about thousands of innocent dead people? Three thousand dead Americans drove the US insane with rage... then we killed over a hundred thousand innocent people in the Middle East over it. How is that justice? Saying, "It's war," does not excuse a person's decision to willfully join a murderous group of psychopaths. Such a decision is utterly unethical. (and unethical is about the nicest thing I could say about such a wretched decision as choosing to be an accomplice to these crimes against humanity).

    2. I can assure you most do not join the military to go and kill innocent people--people join the military for various reasons. You might believe that there should be no war and i do agree, but I am a realist and reality is war will always occur and we need military for protection. You have this idea that people join the military to go on a savage hunting spree to kill as many innocent people as they can when in fact this is simply not true. Unfortunately innocent people do die in wars, their are negatives to war but too blame this on soldiers is just ridiculous. The blame should be properly placed not on soldiers but leaders of countries that start wars instead of compromising. Like i said, accidents happen in war--this is inevitable.

      " "It's war," does not excuse a person's decision to willfully join a murderous group of psychopaths."

      When a person joins the military and they are deployed do you think that they all murder people? The overwhelming majority do not but in fact fire back only in self defense. You have no idea how many rules there are before you shoot someone. Believe it or not after every mission, especially when there was a fire fight, an investigation occurs. When someone acts in an erratic manner they are held responsible. Like i said, people do not choose to join the military to cause "crimes against humanity." These crimes against humanity were mainly by accidents and a very few were caused unfortunately by emotional erratic soldiers that were obviously not too bright.

  3. "No matter how "heroic" the military can be, its heroism is always through killing others. not actually savinglives."

    You do know that there are doctors,surgeons, and medics that are in the military? These people not only take care of military personal but as well as civilians--in fact i know one medic who risked his life to help civilians in time of danger and many others would do the same. You have this image in your head that all military personal are trained killers and that their only mission is to kill--i can assure that is not true. Many have various jobs and even trained scouts or infantry units are trained to not only protect civilians but help in various different ways.

    1. Sure, some are trained to torture people. Others are trained to make sure murderers are healthy enough to go back out to kill people. Others transport murderers from one killing scene to another.

      How noble.

  4. Re: Item No.3. Haven’t actually defended America’s freedom since the War of 1812
    From Wikipedia- The Americans declared war in 1812 for several reasons, including trade restrictions brought about by Britain's ongoing war with France, the impressment of American merchant sailors into the Royal Navy, British support of American Indian tribes against American expansion, outrage over insults to national honour after humiliations on the high seas, and POSSIBLE AMERICAN DESIRE TO ANNEX CANADA.
    When you look at the reasons for going to war they seem so ridiculous.
    Nemo December there is absolutely no justification for maiming or killing civilians and I am sick and tired of listening to all the excuses of people trying to rationalize it.

    1. I'm not going to question the causes or stated purpose of the War of 1812. What was remarkable for that war was that American troops actually ended up defending and then having to repel foreign forces on American soil. But yes, like nearly every war the US has been involved in... it was probably unnecessary.

    2. "Nemo December there is absolutely no justification for maiming or killing civilians and I am sick and tired of listening to all the excuses of people trying to rationalize it. "

      There is no justification for civilians dying and i am in no way of rationalizing it. IF there is a war civilians will die, period. That is just the way war works because accidents occur and wrong targets are targeted and so on. You want to stop civilians from dying in wars? It is simple you stop wars from occurring. You cannot have a war without innocent people dying, just not going to happen. Rationalizing it would be saying something like, "its OK that civilians die because its war." I am saying its not OK for innocent civilians to die but the ugly truth of war is they will, in a war it is unstoppable.

    3. the "civilians" in question here, 99% of them were found to be directly tied to terrorist activities associated with the taliban, they are called civilians only due to the fact that they themselves were not of allegiance to any organized terror group, but did however carry out the mass killings of INNOCENT civilians as well as military occupants

  5. The current military is way over glorified.The US military protects Arab Sheikdoms and does not protect US civilians.END MILITARISM NOW!

  6. Whoever wrote this article is a total badass. What a free and independent radical thinker. It's not like he recycles ideas from the French Revolution at all. Go shoot yourself in the head you communist fuck.


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