Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stump a Christian (or a Jew) #39

Why is there no historical or archaeological evidence for the Jewish enslavement in Egypt or the subsequent exodus?


  1. not sure your question is accurate? It assumes certain things - firstly that religious texts can not be taken as evidence... you may argue that these were written much later and therefore are inadmissable, however oral traditition can be an effective method of communicating stories through the ages, especially if they contain rhymes, word play and are repeated frequently. (rhymes and word play help maintain accuracy they prevent joke/poetry gets lost).
    Next we have to consider whether there are relics of other non israelites of working class from the same era/location - would it have been possible for evidence to exist? eg Moses' basket... are there any baby cots/clothing/toys other than in a pyramid?
    then we must think what would any israelite relics look like? were the contents of the israelite home different from the egyptian home?

    1. Would there be evidence for an enslaved people being freed after divine plagues? Hmm... lemme think...

      I'll make it easier and simpler for you to see why the exodus story is a much later fabrication: who was the pharaoh? If those events happened, the pharaoh should have a name, or we could find historical evidence for who the pharaoh was when such events (or events even remotely like them) occurred.

  2. As we all know all religions are based around a loose set of beliefs and on one has ever allowed facts to get in the way of a belief they will always compromise their beliefs to fit a required pathway to make the story fit and be believeable.
    You cant argue with or make an impression on a closed mind thats why Ive given up even discussing theology and the non existance of an almighty sky fairy with zealots. TonyB


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