Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Top Ten: Additional Bad Product and Business Ideas

Based on the popularity of the first one...

10. Fishbook (social networking for schools; goes downhill when whales can join)
9. MP3-to-8-track Recorder
8. Monkey Off Your Back (wax body hair removal for men)
7. Filet Mignon in a Can
6. Paranoid Thunder (an even louder and more sensitive car alarm)
5. Tads (advertising written in body paint on topless women at major events)
4. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Salt
3. Zombie Insurance
2. felloffatruck.com (suspiciously inexpensive electronics and cigarettes)
1. Beggars Inc. (a franchise of highway off-ramp and mall exit panhandlers)


  1. are there any other list aside from the above mentioned?

  2. Rapture insurance to cover for the caretaking of pets left behind.

    1. That actually already exists.

    2. I know, and they failed to go to IPO.

      I think the Veggie-Panda was the best idea of all.

      Beard-in-a-Can a close second.


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