Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top Ten Fifteen: Offensive Terms for White People

I consider myself an insult aficionado, and I am particularly interested in the etymology of various offensive epithets (all part of the growing field of research I created, Misanthropology, which is the study of people’s hatred for each other). The problem is (and I do see it as a problem), I am a white male, and there’s not a lot of offensive things a person can say to me. Sure, there are some, but nothing you can say to a white guy really carries that extra “oomph,” the way a word like “nigger,” “cunt,” or any of a number of other slurs and terms of less-than-endearment can do for other demographics.

Frankly… I feel kind of left out, and I find myself (like I imagine many of you do) at a loss for how to insult some white dudes, usually resorting to the tired old practice of feminizing, or perhaps bringing up questions regarding their sexual orientation. Yeah, I could criticize what someone says, finding fault in their ideas, but let’s be honest: sometimes it’s not about “proving someone wrong” (you can’t prove a fool wrong without their approval, unfortunately), it’s about telling them what an impotent little prick they are.

Ultimately, I think people would be less offended by what white males say if they had some things that were really offensive to say back at them. In a way, it isn’t fair for me to say “nigger” when black people have nothing of equal cultural weight to say in response back at me (or white people in general).

Sure, there are a bunch of different ethnic slurs for all of the various types of white people. I think you could write several pages just about what the British, Irish and Scottish thought of each other. And of course you got your wops, kykes, huns, frogs, polacks, and those stupid Eastern European countries that don’t even warrant me Googling them (I’m talking to you, Croatia). Honestly, who has time to get to know a person enough to distinguish between all of these different groups and then research how to insult them in their native tongue? You want to insult the person, not learn about their heritage. That would be so… so… multicultural!

So, for the lazy and unintellectually inclined people out there who want a blanket insult for white people, I compiled this list. I can’t fight everyone’s battle for them, but I can point you towards the ammunition and suggest you aim for the groin.

15. Pasty-face
14. Honky
13. Hairback
12. Gringo
11. Ghost/Casper
10. Redneck
9. White Bread
8. White Trash
7. White Devil
6. Whitey
5. Neanderthal
4. Peckerwood
3. Cracker
2. Ofay
1. Nazi


  1. I was once called a "faggety-ass cracker". It seems that as it goes with white insults, there has to be 2 or 3 of them combined to REALLY be insulting...but then too many combinations turns the insult into something humorous.

    For example: "Cracker" isn't really all that bad. It is, but like you say, not nearly as bad as insults for other races. But "faggety-ass cracker" drives the nail home. But if we combine too many, check out how funny it is: "You pencil-neck pasty-face nazi faggety-ass cracker!"

  2. nazi? really? to anyone who calls a random white person a nazi, is just insulting themselves by showing how dumb/ignorant they really are

    1. God dammit ya fuckin gringo ass cracka ass bill clinton lookin ass nazi ass mothafucka all white trahs shits are fuckin nazis god dammit

  3. there's still no 'white' insult that even comes close to "nigger"

    1. As a redhead, "Ginger," or, "ranga," piss me off pretty bad. So do people who see fit to nickname me, "Red." Sorry, but I see those being every bit as bad as the word, "nigger." Additionally, the mentality that no anti-white racial slur can ever be as bad as the word, "nigger," makes them just as bad. Why? That mentality is usually accompanied by the idea that it is somehow socially acceptable to be racist against white people. Look, racial slurs are never acceptable no matter the race and they are all equally as bad.

    2. The problem with the word nigger is the history behind its use. As it stems from slavery/white supremacy, it's much more offensive than slurs for white people which don't have that kind of past.

  4. I might as well use these words for white people who are pretty bad to me.

  5. There is NO WORD to offend a white person ..why? Cause we don't give a sh!t what we're called ..nigger is a term ..is used in movies that makes millions ..how come the movie maker s arent gettin all protested in the ass ..get over it ..be proud niggers ..i think it sounds tougher than whitey, cracker, pasty, casper or anything else for that matter ..one love

  6. A white guy just called me a nigger because I didn't respond to his sexual comment and I fired back with white trash honky red neck pasty face baste red I'm not raciest but I'll b damn if a white person gone call me a nigger and

  7. What I find interesting is that blacks (among a lot of others) find the word or term, "nigger" so offensive yet many of them call themselves it either in greeting, music or even insults. Then they claim "it's ok because we're black". I'm white and I don't use the term.

  8. BLACK and UNITY might offend this weak and smug white male or PAEDOPHILE.
    Now THERE'S something that might hit HOME.....

  9. What about 'stale end piece of white bread'?


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