Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some News

I’ve had about five Blue Screens of Death (BSoD) in the last few days, so I’ve been backing up the important files on my computer. I’m preparing to reformat and re-install Windows and everything else (probably Wednesday). This is why there was no Music Monday, and I’m sure everyone is broken up about it. It would have been Devo, but I got frustrated that their YouTube music videos have disabled embedding, and I couldn’t be bothered to track down other sharing sites while I was backing up files (playing videos was also one of the triggers for blue screens).

In general, I think I’m dropping Music Monday. It was a pleasant distraction maybe a few weeks, but I’m not sure the lag it causes my blog is worth it. There are basically always four embedded videos on my front page, and my wife has commented on that, as well as the fact that posting too often can dilute the content of my site. She thinks this might be why I don’t get as many comments as she does, I think it’s because I’m an enormous jackass to some of the people who comment here. I guess we’ll see…

Today’s Top Ten list and Wednesday Word should be unaffected.

In summary: Music Monday is out, I will be conspicuously absent on Wednesday, and hopefully all goes well and everything gets re-installed on my computer so that I don’t miss a beat in posting.


  1. I’m preparing to reformat and re-install Windows and everything else

    I have a solution to all your Windows problems, but you won't like it.

  2. Yeah, then I would just need a PC to go with it so I can, you know... install anything.

    I grew up using Apple computers. They might as well be made by Fisher Price and come with Justin Bieber stickers already on them.

    The greatest day of my life was not the day I day I graduated from high school or college, nor was it the first time I had sex, or even the day I got married. The greatest day of my life was getting a real computer.

  3. If you're going to use Windows and keep your system stable, then you have to reformat ever six - twelve months. You might want to look into Linux. You could even do a dual boot system, that way when Windows does its thing you still have a usable system.

  4. I'm thinking of using a dual boot on my next computer, but I am still using a factory made Dell that was a gift and in good shape with decent specs. When the hardware starts to fail, I plan to build a new PC with two hard drives, one of which might be Linux.

    I think this current install of Windows is about 2 years old. I remember reformatting around my wedding. Though now, my reformat is pushed back a day because my wife has a 100 gig external hard drive she's letting me use to transfer music, movies, tv shows, etc... but she left it at work. Maybe Thursday.

    Frankly, I have the whole process down to a science now, but the fact that there is so much storage space available to me means I'm getting greedy and not just transferring personal pictures, my wedding video, and my written work on a little flash drive with a list of things to download and install. Can you believe I still use Windows XP?

  5. I can believe that you're still using XP since that was the last decent version of Windows. You only need about 10GB to put Linux on for a dual boot system. Ubuntu is the easiest for new users, but the interface on the current version is iffy at best. Kubuntu is almost as easy to use and has a much more mature and user friendly desktop environment.

  6. I have considered Ubuntu, but I have zero experience with it, and this is the first I've heard of Kubuntu (it's been years since I worked in IT or knew many geeks). I should look into those...

    Well, off to begin the reformat. I'll probably google "Kubuntu" on my wife's laptop while I wait.

  7. I think I made it to the other side intact.


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