Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top Ten: Possible Titles for the Leader of China

[It occurred to me as I was about to look it up… I know so little about China that not only do I not know their leader’s name, I don’t even know the name of the Chinese leader’s position. Here are my ten best guesses before I went to find the answer.]

10. Director
9. Head of State
8. President
7. General Secretary
6. Dear Leader (shit... that’s North Korea)
5. Emperor
4. Party Leader
3. Premiere
2. Chairman
1. Prime Minister


  1. 11. Grand Honorable Magistrate of the People's Republic
    12. Supreme Taco Bell Master of the Exquisite House of Jade (with Teriyaki Guacamole on the side)
    13. His Excellency
    14. Dad
    15. Rick Perry

  2. 3. Premiere

    You mean Premier? Pfft!

  3. 16. General Tso
    17. His Sweet and Sourness
    18. Panda in Chief
    19. The Dragon
    20. He Who Has All The Tea In China

  4. If I had guessed "premier," I would have gotten it right.

  5. I am shocked by how little interest there is in my stupidity...


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