Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Rule: “Special Forces”

The army should be composed of mentally ill homeless people (as opposed to now, when the mentally ill homeless are composed of army veterans). This would get them off the streets, give them a warm bed to sleep in, and food to eat. Plus, no one wants to fight an army that is fucking nuts.


  1. That was Richard Nixon's "secret plan" for foreign policy, which he touted in the runup to his election. He felt that if he acted totally irrationally on the international front, then Communist nations would have no choice but to back off. Didn't work then, probably wouldn't work now. And in any case, people too crazy to make a coherent attack would be easy to fight.

    1. It seemed to work for the Taliban.

    2. Actually, having funding, training, and free weapons from the U.S. government was what worked for the Taliban (a.k.a. the Mujahedeen). "Crazy" was just a free bonus we got. It worked for Saddam Hussein, too. Thanks, Ronald Reagan!

    3. I sense it's happening even now... thanks Bush and Obama.

  2. What's happening now is that we're demonstrating to everyone in the entire world that unmanned drones are a great way to blow up your enemies without facing consequences. In another 20 years, after the U.S. primacy has passed thoroughly enough to be obvious to everyone everywhere, the technology will be widespread, and we'll be facing all the people we're bombing now, but they'll be armed with drones.

    Of course, maybe we'll be lucky and the Chinese will decide to go military, in which case our victims will have other things to think about. But so will we, so it's not exactly a comfort.

    Gonna be a fun century.


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