Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top Ten: Worst Product/Business Ideas of Mine

10. Spife (combination Spoon/Knife)
9. Beard-in-a-Can
8. Touring Lecture: “476 Ways to Turn a Profit off of Pretzels”
7. Solar-powered TV
6. Veggie-Panda (meat-free panda substitute)
5. UnderPressure (medical device, takes blood pressure rectally)
4. Arbor-alls (overalls for trees)
3. 1-800-SHHHHHH (hotline you can call to talk to a librarian)
2. Milk and Cockies (erotic baked goods store)
1. Drive-Thru Fondue


  1. I think you could franchise Milk and Cockies.

  2. Those are pretty funny. Add that to your stand up comedy routine.

  3. Funny spoofs! But anyway, those ideas may sound or look unsettling, but hey, these are what make an entrepreneur! People always look for something new or playful; and there’s no harm taking advantage of it.

    Clint @FranchiseMatch.com


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