Monday, January 19, 2009

Like a Virgin...

It appears that in Santiago, Chile, there is a brewing brouhaha over scantily clad models "inspired by" the Virgin Mary. Having been raised Catholic, I thought long and hard about why an artist might sexualize the Virgin Mary. Of course, I didn’t have to ponder long.

It occurred to me I’ve seen many depictions of Mary when I was growing up, and I remember finding her to be drop-dead sexy. I couldn’t really recall many details, but maybe this Chilean artist is on to something.

In fact, I know he is. I found the images below after a quick search, though I can't say I directly recall seeing any of these specifically:

(Jesus looks a bit old...)

The last one is a personal favorite, as it disproves the instant reaction most Christians would have to the first ones, which is, "There's nothing sexual or wrong with a mother feeding her child."

The article also includes a comment coming from bishops which claims events like this encourage the treatment of women as "object[s] of consumption." It's odd that a group of men who exclude women from their rank would make this kind of statement, because most women I know say religion has successfully subjugated women for centuries. I guess they're experts.

Maybe this fixation on a Jewish girl is why I've dated so many Jews, not to mention the one I'm engaged to...

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