Wednesday, January 7, 2009


What is happening between Israel and Palestine is another event in an American-funded catastrophe. If you don’t care about what’s going on, I can’t say I blame you; it’s a mess. What irritates me, however, are those who seem to be paying attention but are blind supporters of monstrous acts. There is a popular myth that the Middle East has been in conflict for 2000 years. Actually, things had settled down for centuries until 60 years ago, when Israel was formed.

A nation born out of post-WWII pity, without any consideration for the people already living there, Israel has been supplied state-of-the-art armaments from the West since its inception. It has used the generous foreign aid it receives (and we’re talking billions of dollars per year from the US alone) to wage a war of expansion and suppression on Palestine.

The treatment of the Palestinians at the hands of the Israelis has been nothing short of brutal. It is a dark day when the culture that penned “an eye for an eye” has resorted to such exchanges as bullets for rocks, tanks for bullets, and laser-guided bombs for rockets. The death toll says it all; for every Israeli who died, over a hundred Palestinians were killed. All of this is happening because a few Palestinians (organized or not) have been firing rockets at Israelis, killing four. Meanwhile, Israel has shelled UN schools.

It is this heavy-handed mentality which fuels terrorism; consider that many terrorists have lost an immediate family member in conflict with the West. Israel’s actions are a catalyst for the frustration that drives many Muslim terrorist organizations, just as the invasion of Iraq by the US has only encouraged unrest. War will only solve the problem if Israel is planning to annihilate the Palestinians. Jews will one day have to live in peace with the Palestinians (even the rowdy ones), or leave.

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