Friday, January 30, 2009

The Ocotomom

Another set of octuplets have been born. Once again, some people are hailing it as a miracle. However, the only miracle here is modern medicine.

For one thing, the fact that there are eight is due solely to medical science. Like most litters of children born these days, the woman was taking fertility medication. In fact, this woman in California had the embyros implanted. It's also stated that she knew of the multiple births and decided to keep them all. She also has six other children. Clearly she didn't have enough.

The other "miracle" of this event is the survival of all eight babies. Again, the only miracle is medicine, as the closest thing to an angel in that delivery room would have been the highly trained and skilled doctors and nurses operating on this misguided concubine.

In case one couldn't tell from my tone, I find this situation to be deplorable. For one thing, I think having eight children is a rather selfish and egocentric choice, even if they are spaced out. Having eight at one time is bordering on child abuse. I don't believe these children will have the opportunity to grow up as individuals. I also doubt they will receive the attention they each deserve. However, my biggest complaint would seem more of a stretch to most people.

I find fundamentalism to be the prime problem with human beings. The mother has decided to remain anonymous, but I can extrapolate certain things from the details we do know. That she wanted more than six children, was willing to take fertility drugs and have embryos implanted, and that she would not abort any of the embryos signals to me that she is a religious nut (the technical term). I feel pity for those children in so many ways, and hope they can make it out of that home before they hurt themselves or others.

That would be a miracle.

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