Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An Inadvertent Change of Style

I don’t usually write about my day-to-day life, not because it’s boring… but I have no other way of ending that sentence.

However, today something funny happened. My wife got me a beard trimmer for my birthday a couple weeks back (no late birthday wishes, please). I love it because my beard only had two phases before: shaggy homeless-guy or horrible, patchy trim-job. I just never got the hang of using scissors so near to my jugular vein.

My wife, who has to look at me every day, got me an adjustable beard trimmer with nine length settings and a vacuum to suck up [some of] the hairs. It works great, and it even has a “Turbo” setting… in case the hairs evolve or something and become wily.

So I took the guard attachment off this morning to trim my neck line. When I was done, I clicked the setting to five and started trimming the right side of my beard… when I suddenly had no side burn anymore. I forgot to put the guard back on. I looked down at my dog, and he looked back at me. He wasn’t going to be any help.

I called my wife at work to ask if she’d still love me with only one side burn. She laughed and suggested I shave it into a goatee or something. So here I am, with a goatee. Thanksgiving is in a week, and I look like… well, I don’t want to say what I think I look like, because looking over my Followers list, I shouldn’t say anything bad about goatees.

Until my beard grows back in, it looks like I’m one of “you people.”

[Note: My face is so much colder on dog walks now.]


  1. *laughs* what is that supposed to mean, "one of 'you people'"?! and what about goatees? now you got me curious, mähähähähä...;)

  2. Nine settings and you used zero. I look forward to seeing it. ;-)

  3. lol! I can't believe I have to spend the next 3 hours at work without seeing it!

  4. I'll just say this: the only kind of person you can trust less than a man with a goatee is a woman with one.

  5. right you are...!(*feverishly searching the bathroom for my ladyshaver...muhaha*)


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