Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why I Am Thankful For Government

What’s the difference between a banker and a mugger? Answer: a mugger will only take what you have on you. A banker will take your savings, your car, your house, your kids’ education fund, your credit rating, etc.

I find white-collar crime to be worse than violent street crime. Not only does white-collar crime impact the victim more severely, each act usually affects many people. So when I read stories about insider traders getting hauled off to jail, I smile.

These pricks had it all, and it was not enough. String them up by their ties.


  1. "Insider trading" is just another fake Federal "crime". The government agents enforcing such "laws" are the ones who should be hauled off to jail.

  2. Insider trading is a crime, just like a casino that stacks the deck is committing a crime.

    The house always wins, but that doesn't mean they can cheat.


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