Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanks For Nothing

The depiction of God in the Bible stands in direct opposition to the very notion science. After all, if God can (and apparently does) suspend natural laws at His whim, what use is it to study natural law? The believer may see the world outside of man as inconceivably complex and certainly beyond comprehension by our flawed and finite understanding and experience. This was the attitude of Medieval Europe.

This attitude seemed to be quashed during the Enlightenment, but what really happened is that Europe just shipped all of the malcontents to the New World. Sure, some great minds found their way over here as well, especially opportunistic fortune seekers who saw limitless potential in a land defended by people who had yet to discover gunpowder.

A few centuries later, and here we are in America. We don’t use the metric system. We don’t believe in evolution. We don’t believe pollution is a problem. We demand all our drinks ice cold, even coffee – no worry of brain freeze, since we lack the necessary organ.

I am in complete awe at the state of things in America. I understand how we got here… if you expose a foreign organism to an environment with no natural defenses, the foreign organism runs rampant and chokes out the native wildlife. Americans are an invasive species.

What’s worse, we found a host for our parasitic existence which was largely untapped of its resources. At a time when Europe had lost nearly all of its forests, the New World had more acres of untapped forest than there was land in Europe. At a time when land ownership was consolidated to only a few people in Europe, America had vast expanses of unoccupied territory (even beyond the land used by the indigenous tribes).

Americans bleed the land dry, and there’s still plenty of untapped veins. Even during this recession, there is still less desperation than in many parts of the world. Americans just have it easy. If you ask most of us, we’ll say it’s our work ethic, or that capitalism prevailed, or some other talking point that is not only irrelevant, but condescending and rude. So the work ethic of children who work 12 hours a day, seven days a week is just not up to snuff with the CEO whose office has a putting green, big screen TV with cable, and a secretary he bangs on the side?

Fuck America. We give blank checks to the wealthiest among us. They call us “serfs” behind our back. You know what? I saw we treat the wealthy of America like royalty. When we have a problem with them, we’ll storm their homes, kill them and their family, then parade their heads through town on a stake. That’s how a monarchy works, and that’s why peaceful democracy is preferential not only for the populace, but for the leaders.

We are a nation with far too much faith. Faith in our God, faith in our country, faith in our leaders, faith in ourselves. We have done nothing but let the world down again and again. “But Ginx, World War II!” Do you know who did most of the work in World War II on the side of the allies, and who ultimately stormed Berlin and found Hitler’s remains? Russia. They lost more troops than all the other allied nations… combined. And how did we repay them? We economically snubbed them under hostile conditions for half a century.

I don’t want to be here anymore. I have nothing to be thankful for. My country has given me nothing; my family is who provides for me and takes care of me. My family is all I can trust in America. Not the government, not banks, not lawyers, not doctors, not auto mechanics, not that crazy guy you ask for directions when lost. It’s a fucking travesty that we are in constant economic and ideological warfare, and I don’t have the energy for it.

I understand why Europe kicked us out.


  1. Your statement that we don't believe in evolution is false. That is the only presentation or theory presented in science classes across this country to explain how the World and humans were created. Scientists don't present creationism in schools. I believe in both. I believe that both evolution and creation happened. Science and religion are and can be compatible in many instances.

    Have you seen Ben Stein's Expelled?

  2. Wow, you took what I wrote and got "evolution" from that? Okay...

    So you think evolution... should be taught along side creationism? Should they have to take time from their study of the atmosphere to learn about the firmament?

    I have not seen "Expelled" because I boycott Ben Stein. He blamed 9/11 on "atheistic" people, which I found to be incredibly ignorant in light of the fact that it was RELIGIOUS NUTS who perpetrated 9/11.


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