Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ignored No Longer

I’ve tried to avoid posting about this, because sometimes I feel like I’m too hard on Israel… but honestly, I can’t help it if they keep shooting themselves in the foot.

As anyone who pays attention to the news is well aware, Israeli commandos killed Turkish aid workers trying to break the Israeli naval blockade by bringing supplies to the estimated 1.5 million Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip. They also detained nearly 700 activists from over 35 countries who were on the six ships stormed by Israeli forces.

There’s two issues to consider in this situation: what did Israel do, and why did they do it?

What Israel did was helicopter heavily armed soldiers onto humanitarian aid vessels bound for Palestinians. I can only assume this was done to maintain the impoverished conditions imposed on the people displaced by the unlawful formation of the Nation of Israel.

Perhaps someone can play Israel’s advocate, but I cannot for the life of me wrap my brain around the logic behind this whole operation. Must the people who were chased from their homes by Israeli tanks continue to suffer in horrible squalor simply because some among their ranks wish to stand up for themselves?

If I were a Palestinian, I would not be surprised if I was one of the people driven to fire rockets over Israel’s border. If I were an Israeli, I would certainly not be supporting the systematic genocide of the Palestinian people. I really cannot relate in any way to Israel’s decision to impose wretched ghetto conditions upon a people simply because they do not belong to some chosen race.

I can only assume Israel is a land with no mirrors.


  1. Ginx, I doubt you have the answers, but I think these are two good questions.

    1. How does this in any way promote Israel's best interest?

    2. Why is it that the oppressed, when placed in power, end up becoming oppressors? Is it merely human nature that once power is obtained - it is never easily ceded?

  2. 1. My wife has dual-citizenship in Israel, has been there a couple times, and knows many people who live there. While I can't ask her at the moment because she is sleeping, my impression is that the general attitude of "never again" has manifested itself in a sort of "you hit me, I hit you back twice as hard" mentality. Ironic, coming from the culture that gave us "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth." I imagine they believe it makes them appear tough, and therefore not a target... even though their actions make them the target of vengeful animosity.

    2. I find comfort in the fact that the oppressed turn into oppressors with the simple turn of the wheel of fortune. This means we are all alike, that no single group of us is any better than the next, and it provides a gameplan for how to fight oppression. The power is the problem, and as power is universally abused, a strong case can be made that spreading power as thinly and evenly as possible is the ideal.

    The question is: how do we get those with power (who we know will do horrendous things in defense of that power) to give it up willingly? After I answer that one, I will begin work writing my Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech.

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